The LGBT Movement – considering the topic as biblically-faithful Christians

Here’s my hubby’s carefully thought-through article on a biblically-founded response to the LGBT movement. **************************************   For Christians who seek to live biblically, one of the trickiest issues of the day is how to make sense of the LGBT movement, and what the appropriate biblical response is.  This will be an issue not only for today, but for the next… Read more →

Thoughts on books about Christians with same-sex attraction

A friend with same-sex attraction asked me a few years ago, about how I would explain the Christian view on homosexuality to non-Christians. I felt a bit daunted by that, and hadn’t quite wrapped my head around how to present my views lovingly yet uncompromisingly without sounding patronising or distant. Also, there was the fear that no matter what I… Read more →

Aureus Music Academy – engaging teaching materials perfect for kids

Apart from great teacher who make lessons come alive, good materials that are age appropriate and engaging to little children are what we like about Aureus Academy. B started with Lesson Book A, which had cute introductory lessons on sitting posture and finger positions, one of which is illustrated below. These days she’s all grown up and progressed to Lesson… Read more →