Thankful for free museums and sisterly love

Today I’m thankful for national public holidays, where we don’t have to work, the kids don’t have to go to school, and we can all enjoy a day with no claims on our time, not even family obligations.

I’m thankful for our national museums, carefully restored buildings that are oases of space and light. And am also very thankful for free entry into our national museums this “national day month”.

We visited the National Museum yesterday, and were pleasantly surprised that it was an Open House day, which meant that even the basement exhibitions (Ukraine’s treasures and British Wedding Dresses) were free that day. Although we had a bit of trouble reining the kids in (they were not specifically child-friendly exhibitions) and sustaining their interest in the various exhibits, it was overall a good (cool) way to spend a morning. The Singapore’s history section was also interesting, and the “personal route” of oral accounts from Singaporeans on our history was a good perspective from which to view our history.

It was a sweltering hot morning, and the children slurped up their soya bean drink outside the museum. Beyond public holidays and national museums, I’m thankful that they share. That they enjoy simple joys such as a drink that costs less than a dollar. The excitement evoked by the sight of this drink is amazing! Long may they delight in the ordinary, and long may it be before the yearning for material wants creep into their tender souls.

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