Thank you, Aunty Susan!

Dear Aunty Susan,

Happy birthday! Thank you for working for us, and becoming part of our family.
It wasn’t easy for us to take the plunge towards hiring a helper, but when the helper was you, we were more than happy to go for it! Nothing quite beats that fact that we know you so well, and you, us.

We really appreciate how you pre-empt our needs, and work so hard to put yummy home-cooked meals on our table, play and read to the kids so they don’t go amok from boredom, look after their naptimes to make sure they get enough rest, keep our home much cleaner than it’s ever been before…

Although our home might not be 100% the way some matriarchs must have theirs, it’s good enough for me.

Thanks for being understanding and getting along well with family members who might not be the easiest to get along with. I really enjoy our chats, and I’m glad we get along so well. You’re like another caring aunt, of which I’m privileged to have a few already.

I guess our lax standards of order and cleanliness are quite appalling to you sometimes, and you order the house to your higher standards! 🙂 We often say there’s no need to do this or that, but you do it anyway. I suppose there is some professional standard that you just refuse to allow a home you are in to fall short of! We do appreciate that, being beneficiaries.

Our kitchen cabinets have undergone a complete make-over, and you’ve highlighted boxes that I should have thrown out ages ago for discarding-approval. The large deep drawers are a joy (no longer an at-your-own-risk horror) to open, and I can find clean tupperware of almost any size when I need one in a rush.

The other day I was thinking of calling home to ask about my EZlink card, and it was almost like you were psychic! Before I could press the button, my phone rang and you were asking how I managed without my card, and promised to keep it aside for me.

I’m just so glad we can rely on you and your strong gifts of common sense, built up over the years of experience. We’re so glad you are patient and have an even temperament, though you do not hesitate to speak up whenever necessary to set the record straight.

You have a soft spot for the kids, and they have really taken to you like a relative.
We’re glad you have your friends, whom you can relax with in a chat, and enjoy yourself with on Sundays. We’re glad you share our faith, and that we can pray for one another’s trials.

Although we know that we might only have you with us for a few years, it’s gonna be a great few years! We hope you know you can count on us, even as we rely so much on your help.

We hope you enjoyed your birthday cake, dinner and gifts. We hope you enjoy staying with us as much as we appreciate having you here!

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