Bicycle built for four

Hubs and I were on leave to help with care of the kids since K would be on holiday this whole month *gulp*. He vetoed my POLW plan since the weather forecast was for showers there, but not in the far east. I read a few reviews and figured that K would probably not enjoy it much, as she’s a water scaredy-cat. B would also be too little to enjoy it, though she’d still have to pay to get in, though admission is quite reasonably priced overall. POLW’s late opening time, distance from us and the total expense made it seem a good call to eschew it in favour of the more prosaic cycling outing at Pasir Ris park. More of a weekend activity than an outing befitting the grand occasion of both parentals on weekday leave, but we set off anyway. Only upon reaching at 830am (our kids are inveterate early risers) did we realise that the bike rental kiosk only opened at 10am on weekdays (830am on weekends and Public Holidays if you’re interested). Thankfully after we chomped down our ham sandwiches and cute shaped hard boiled eggs at a bench near the mangrove, we saw the kiosk’s shutters rise in the distance. First thing that caught our eye when we arrived.

In case you didn’t see it in the previous photo.  We’re not very sure what it is – chrysallis?  Spider trap? (since it was hanging by a thin spider web thread) Since the kiosk happened to be open by 9am (school holiday hours??) we asked for what we came for – a bicycle built for four!
  There’s something exhilarating about being on a bicycle.  Cutting through space like an arrow slicing through the wind.  Granted we were going far slower than any respectable arrow, but it was still thrilling. Perhaps more enjoyable to me given my late introduction to cycling.  Yes, I had loving, responsible parents for the most part, but they were rather remiss in this area.  It was actually the hubs, who was then-bf, who taught me how to cycle in my (coff) mid-twenties. K as usually was a little chary at first and kept bleeting “mama mama” like a lost lamb.  But eventually she echoed my SO FUN, with conviction. Initially, B took things like a trooper, and just sucked her thumb (as usual). We traversed more than half the park and back, enjoying the coastal view, sighting kelongs, trawlers, fellow bikers, taiji folks… all on an early tuesday morning.  We were quite a sight to them I guess, especially during the second half of our journey when B decided to bawl. We decided to make our way back after no song could calm her any more. Truth was, we parents were also knackered!  My legs were actually going strong but my bum was experiencing serious tail bone ache!  And baby B was not in the mood to humour her parents any further with this silly biking business. The nice chap at the shop was so surprised that we were returning our bike barely half an hour into our 2 hour loan period, thus he offered K a kiddy bike.  When she found that it was a bit too high she refused to ride it at all!  What a waste.  She did enjoy ringing the bell though.
 ding! ding!


Contriving a little smile. We went to say Hi to the ponies and horses in the stable nearby…
 This was a horse (taller) with numbers inked onto its neck.

  And this was a pony, which looked like a cow.  Was quite amused by its mane, since it was stripy like the colours on its body and neck… Fearless B went quite close to the pony and I had to stand near in case the doe eyed pony decided to lunge forward. All in all, not a bad way to spend a cool but humid morning.

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