An eighth birthday

Children’s day this year fortuitously fell on K’s birthday, which meant that she had a school holiday on her birthday!

So I was able to plan a fun day out for her and a few friends whom she wanted to invite.

We arrived at Artify bright and early. It’s one of my favourite art spaces. Its clean white walls are so welcoming and soothing, and Jae is always such a gracious and zesty host.


The kids had an introductory briefing by Jae for their art jamming session, where she showed them a variety of paintings to inspire them, and explained how easy it was to create each one.

Then it was painting time!

I love how there is no wrong or right in art, and beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. It’s also a lesson to love what you create (and be less critical with oneself) – love yourself, love the art you make.

In art jamming, there is no ‘method’ or specific end-product – Just a blank canvas to splosh paint on, any way you wish. The kids were so excited and happy, and these photos are such treasures for posterity!


Since there was space, I joined in the painting too. I love painting.


Here are our finished pieces! K&B’s are up on their bedroom wall, and mine has been ported over to the office.


Then we adjourned amidst the slight drizzle (quite a sight, 5 girls and 2 parents sharing 3 large umbrellas) to Eat Play Love cafe, which was just a 5 min walk away, for lunch.




As you can see, it was a splendid lunch, and all the girls enjoyed themselves very much. They were very well-behaved and amused themselves by making up a story at the craft area with their masterpieces as story material (their canvases were the envy of every child in the cafe!).


For us, it was also a glimpse of what it’s like to have quadruplet girls plus one! Haha.

The usual family birthday party dinner on Saturday

We spent the morning eating the best Kuay Chap in Singapore, and then did some KSN homework, and then went up to Xiao Gu’s dream scrap room to make a birthday bunting.

That was super fun and we really enjoyed working on it together.


We decorated your cake with your favourite items from Lego Friends, and everyone thought it looked lovely.

Then the candles were alit and here are some shots as we sang the birthday song.


And here you are, telling B, “actually my birthday was yesterday”. Haha!


Dear K,

You are Eight now, and perhaps it’s a sign of the times, but as with many of your peers, you seem much older.

Sometimes, we find your attitude really wanting, but I suppose it boils down to the fact that you’re also finding your way around your own individuality and sense of self, and pieceing that together with our demands for and expectations of acceptable behaviour.

Other times, you are still very much a child, the child with all the child-like characteristics that we have been familiar with, all these years.

We teeter with you on the edge of the now and not yet, and reminds ourselves daily that we must choose to cherish the present. 

We love you very much, and pray daily that you will walk closely with the Lord, and live for His glory alone. 

Happy birthday, darling!

Lovingly yours, 

Papa & Mama

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