Whimsical Chinese Picture Books by a Hungarian Author

I chanced upon this beautiful set of books at the library recently. They scored a ten for me in terms of illustrations, content and level of difficulty! Basically, it’s another Chinese picture book translated from a foreign author. Which are the best Chinese books to me! Heh. Possibly because I prefer their storylines and illustrations. I had to check the… Read more →

From Singapore to Singaporean: The Bicentennial Experience

We managed to book free tickets to The Bicentennial Experience at Fort Canning Centre on a weekend morning during the June holidays. After hearing that parking spaces are scarce, we decided to take the free shuttle from Raffles City Shopping Centre. Take public transport, save the earth. Time Traveller From the get-go, the experience was impressively organised. Registration was swift… Read more →

The Misadventures of Max Crumbly by Rachel Renee Russell- Locker Hero, Middle School Mayhem and Masters of Mischief (with Giveaway!)

Bestselling author of Dork Diaries, Rachel Renee Russell has come up with a new series called “The Misadventures of Max Crumbly”. Once again written in the form of journal entries by a kid in middle school, it appeals especially to readers who are just transitioning from picture books to chapter books, given the many illustrations on almost every other page… Read more →

Jewel Changi Airport’s Canopy Park

These days, design is everything. And Canopy Park at Jewel is certainly top-notch in design. From each individual attraction to how the sequence within the park is planned, it all bears testament to deliberate, well thought-through design. And no wonder, for the 14,000 square metres of play attractions are the creation of top designers from Singapore, the UK, France, Germany… Read more →