Conversation pieces from Masons Home Decor and Farm Florist

I first saw this clock on a friend’s Instagram feed and was really taken with it. It’s design is simple yet arresting, and I thought it would certainly make for a good conversation piece, as part of our home decor. I found out that it was the Umbra Shadow Clock from Masons Home Decor.   Umbra Shadow Clock  Designed by Alan Wisniewski… Read more →

Yellow Ribbon Run 2017

I thought that the @yellowribbonsg run was a meaningful one to sign up for, not least cos I have a few prison officer friends, 2 pastors who were former inmates, and many friends who help out in the Prisons Fellowship Singapore and provide counselling services to inmates and their families. We have also been participating in the Angel Tree hamper project, supported… Read more →

West Side Story – the musical

So date night this week was watching West Side Story at Marina Bay Sands. I think we hadn’t watched a musical together for more than 2 years, the last being Singing in the Rain! West Side Story is a musical that first premiered in Broadway in 1957. Set in 1950s New York, the musical describes events across just a few… Read more →

SuperHero Me – inclusive arts at its best (16 Sep – 7 Oct 2017)

So since I’ve just about had enough negativity this week to last me for the rest of the year, here’s a shoutout on something inspiring. I first encountered SuperHero Me in June 2015, when they held a really interesting Festival at the National Library’s open space. B looked so little in the photos from that post! What is SuperHero Me? Well,… Read more →

The Bible Project – Illustrated summaries of biblical books

I blogged about The Bible Project back in 2015, as we were very impressed by the animated videos of visual storytelling they produced, that presented a very theologically sound encapsulation of the most important points of each book of the bible. One of the most important aspects of understanding the Bible, is understanding that it is made of up many… Read more →

Rabbit in the Hole – luxe comfort from European brands sent straight to your doorstep

Rabbit in the Hole is a Singapore-based online clothing store founded by three Singapore-based ladies and mums. Why Rabbit in the Hole? Well, the ladies were inspired by little rabbits who often dig holes and hide inside them for comfort and shelter, since their dream was to curate clothes that make children feel safe and free. As such, the site… Read more →