The Storm Keeper’s Island – Book Review and Giveaway!

The Storm Keeper’s Island is Catherine Doyle’s first foray into middle grade fiction. Hailing from the West of Ireland, she set this book in the island of Arranmore, where her grandparents were raised. I would say that the writing in this book is very lyrical, possibly the most lyrical I’ve come across for in this age category, save for Michael… Read more →

The Nothing to See Here Hotel – Review and Giveaway

The covers of middle grade fiction are really getting fancy. This one comes with little shiny foil bits! When K was transiting from large picture books to chapter books, we didn’t come across many with such interesting illustrations. Look at this! The kids would love this, and I myself pored over ‘hotel map’ at length, enjoying all the little details.… Read more →

The Gold Rice Dining, Ginza Tokyo (Omakase at a sushi restaurant)

A friend who lived in Japan recommended this place to us, for our one-splurge meal during our trip. She kindly helped us make reservations (website was all in Japanese) and after a little trek from the train station, we found the place! The restaurant had good reviews on TripAdvisor as well, so we were really looking forward to our meal.… Read more →

Orchid Extravaganza with a Peranakan twist – Gardens by the Bay August 2018

Gardens by the Bay’s Orchid Extravaganza this year was Peranakan-themed! Flower Dome It was lovely to see that some visitors had even dressed up on special Nonya kebaya outfits for the occasion! What a wonderful nod to our country’s nonya-baba heritage, and a great way to introduce tourists to local architecture, beyond the glitz of glass-clad skyscrapers. And giant-sized Peranakan… Read more →

Kawaguchiko – Fuji Five Lakes

At the recommendation of friends, we decided to spend a few days at Kawaguchiko, a scenic town about 2 hours drive from Tokyo. On hindsight it was indeed a good idea to escape the sensory overload that is Tokyo, and leave behind its hustle and bustle for part of our trip. We took a 2 hour highway bus trip (travelling… Read more →

The LGBT Movement – considering the topic as biblically-faithful Christians

Here’s my hubby’s carefully thought-through article on a biblically-founded response to the LGBT movement. **************************************   For Christians who seek to live biblically, one of the trickiest issues of the day is how to make sense of the LGBT movement, and what the appropriate biblical response is.  This will be an issue not only for today, but for the next… Read more →