Tanuki Raw

Tucked inside the National Design Centre of Singapore, located together with Kapok, is a branch of Tanuki Raw. The high ceilings and airy layout make this a very pleasant dining venue. Add that to the fact that you could browse around Kapok whilst waiting for your food to be served, is another plus. The food arrived, and it was every… Read more →


4 Interesting Chinese books by Singaporean authors at the Pasir Ris Library

We visited the Pasir Ris Library during the school holidays, which opened in November 2015 after extensive renovations. It’s a wonderful space for book lovers, especially for children. Look at the section specially dedicated to children’s books! The shelves are customised in height, with board books on even lower boxes (in turquoise on the left) and picture books on beautifully… Read more →


Dreaming up a Whimsical Island at Artify Studio

K was super excited to attend Artify’s June Holiday Class entitled “Whimsical Island“, after we had such a fun time there at the Father’s Day special class (more on that later). We had received an invitation to review their holiday camp in March but had to miss it since we were travelling, so K was so pleased to be able to… Read more →

bilibo 2

MOLUK toys from Switzerland, at Little Llama

Little Llama, an innovative local online store has recently brought in MOLUK, a series of Swiss award-winning toys. Founded by a husband and wife team, Little Llama has a great ethos – that children should be encouraged to engage in open-ended play, since it is through free play that young children develop an understanding of the world around them. And MOLUK toys… Read more →