Yummy scrummy game

We bought this from a friend’s garage sale, and though it’s a simple game of luck and guessing, the girls had fun!

Basically, you cover all the food and junk food pieces with the monster pieces so only the colour shows through the monster’s belly. 

Then spin the wheel, and depending on which colour it lands on, you choose a monster and ask him “Yummy Scrummy, have you got (peas) in your tummy?” If you guess correctly, you get to keep the card! 

I think it aims to teach healthy eating habits, since you lose a card if you uncover junk food! Like a bag of chips. Haha.

I always find it meaningful to spend some time with the girls exploring a new game. Bonus if it’s made of good materials like this clementoni set. The girls got to take turns, which is always nice. And anything that keeps them away from a flashing screen is a plus to me. Just play for play’s sake. 

To watch their faces as they consider their next choice. To go with the flow, even with interruptions and distractions (halfway through the game, generous baby B decided to take the pieces she ‘won’ and distribute it to Kong Kong and Aunty Susan).
 Something simple like this lends some structured fun to our time together in the evenings! 

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