Wonderfood Museum, Penang Malaysia

What else is fun for the whole family in Penang?

A visit to the Wonderfood Museum!

This was a lot more entertaining and fun than we initially imagined. No wonder it has won so many awards, including the Top Museum Award (for Unique Concept) in 2017.

Malaysians and Singaporeans are probably the most food-crazy people in the world, and have such a wonderful melting pot of food to chose from on a daily basis, even from coffeeshops and hawkers.

So the food on display at the Wonderfood Museum paid tribute to the wide variety of Malaysian cuisine in all its detailed glory.

Apart from the intricate life-like displays, the scale of it also made for lots of fun photo-taking.

Unlike most other 3D museums that I’ve been to in Singapore, over here, the staff stationed throughout the museum would always offer to take photos with your camera for the whole family. They were really patient, friendly and obliging!

There were a few creative displays with thought-providing description plates.

And some of my favourites! Durian, Char Koay Teow and Roti Prata.

There was an interesting diorama with highly realistic figures that brought us through Penang’s street food of yesteryear.

Wonder how they did it all? There’s a panel of pictures to shed some light on the fascinating process too!

Back to the displays, the life-sized scale meant that you could pretend to be a provision shop owner too. So much vivid colour!

The girls had fun!

Lots of fun!


They also had this very useful reference near the end (as you finish walking through the museum) of a list of famous local food, and where to find it. This is just half of it. For the other half, you have to go visit to find out! 😛

I thought it was good that they added this educational health info at the end, on how many tablespoons of sugar exist within various types of food. Very important to know how much glucose we are taking in!

It was sobering but important that near the end, there was also a grim reminder of how child starvation remains a very real problem in our world. Hence, waste not. I thought it was good that our children got to learn this fact, and remember it.


All in all, I would say that Wonderfood Museum is a great stop to lend some variety to your trip. Our whole family of three generations enjoyed it! It’s a quality museum both in terms of the fun factor, and also in terms of being meaningful. It’s also fully air-conditioned, which lent reprieve to a day of walking outdoors!


Wonderfood Museum

49, Lebuh Pantai
10300 Penang, Malaysia




Note: Thanks Wonderfood Museum for the review invite!

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