Windsor Nature Park @ MacRitchie Venus Drive

Exams are out and the fun is in! I realised this year (first year with SA1) that the best time to ENJOY ourselves is before the results come back! Haha…

We popped down to Windsor Nature Park, a park with boardwalk trails that was just completed at the end of 2016.

Here the girls are, bright and spiritely at 8am.

There were so many people who had the same plan as us, that I initially thought we had stumbled upon an organised event.

It’s not like Singaporeans to throng a Nature Park trail at 8am right?!

But boy was it crowded. We had to walk single file at many points.

We took a turn off the tame boardwalks to a dirt path. It was still very wide and level, perfect for kids.

The girls gamely trekked along, and we were thankful that it didn’t rain buckets, since it was previously forecast to. Instead, it was very cloudy, which meant that it was not too hot, and we didn’t get baked by our scorching sun.

In fact, the girls were thrilled when a passing cloud drizzled on us for 5 minutes. “I want it to rain again!” said K.

We saw many interesting sights like a tree with 10cm long spikes all round its trunk, huge yam plant leaves, pond skaters, squirrels, a family of macaques, and many interesting primary rainforest flora.

 Someone in our little party was sharp-eyed enough to spot this beautiful yellow oriole, just steps in front of us.

Without even having to zoom much, I managed to catch these shots on my point and shoot camera.

This fascinating swirl is actually a young leaf that’s about to unfurl!

The kids did well, and though we trekked a lot less than I set out to (never mind, baby steps!) it was a great first trail walk for K&B.

They don’t quite know the Great Plans we have for them, 10km treetop trail next? Hopefully!

Totally pooped at the end, haha!

Till the next time, Windsor Park! (The elegant name has an elegant sign to boot.)


Note: Parking can be a problem though. This was the situation around 10plus am. Even when we arrived at 8am, the carpark was full and there were about 50 cars parked on either side of the road.

An LTA enforcement officer was issuing tickets to all the illegally parked cars. : (

I suppose someone complained. Well, every good Singaporean will know how to duly appeal the fine, and hopefully, given that these were just families trying to enjoy the outdoors, they will be waived.


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