When a three year old meets Barney

My three year old is a big Barney fan. So much so that she requested for a Barney cake at her school celebration this year.

Hence, when there was a media invite to watch Barney at City Square Mall, with a meet-and-greet photo session, I knew she’d love it.

As with such sessions, crowds gather very early for the ‘seats’ right in front of the stage. We were blessed to have a special little area on Level 2 behind a glass panel, reserved for media guests. I felt those were the best seats in the house, since we had a clear unblocked view from the ‘circle’.

Anticipation steadily built up, as the time for Barney’s appearance drew near. Looking at the crowd size (photo on top left only shows a quarter of the total crowd), you’d think some top pop band from the US was going to appear!

We were also graciously gifted with a pair of water bottles, which my three year old digged so much that she wore it for the entire duration of the show.

When Barney appeared, he launched into a session of song and dance, and many little kids happily danced along. I guess there is nothing like seeing your TV hero appear “in the flesh”. As with all shopping mall appearances, the performance was quite brief. However, that was not the end, since there was the meet-and-greet photo session, yay!

This is the first time we have participated in a photo meet-and-greet, and we were very thankful for media priority to get our photos taken first.

There was a big “awwwww” moment as our besotted three year old gave Barney a little hug as she met him, before she and her big sister posed for the photo.

The session really made her day, and we had a great time having dinner at City Square Mall thereafter! It’s actually one of the kids’ favourite malls, because of their free Little Tikes push car rentals. Just present your NRIC and a fully refundable deposit, and you get to rent a ride for your kid for as long as you like. It comes with a little trolley basket that you can put your shopping in too!

City Square Mall is also Singapore’s first eco-mall, and our family’s favourite aspect of that, is the fact that they have priority lots right next to the escalators for hybrid cars (my dad-in-law has one, yay) since they save energy, heh.

If your kid is a big Barney fan like mine, here are the details of all the activities that you can participate in. Enjoy!

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