Wanna get Real Fit?

Lacking motivation to get fit? Here’s a good reason – sign up with your kids (who are such energiser bunnies anyway)! They expend energy and might sleep earlier, whilst you get fit and live longer for them. ūüôā

The hubs’ long time friend Mr Jason Nah owns and runs Real Fit, a gym in Tanjong Katong Road. He invited us to visit Real Fit, and here’s a shout-out on what they offer.

IMG_8487The girls had a great time jumping, hopping, climbing, as he put father and daughters through their paces.

IMG_8495The gym has a little rock wall too, which was the main attraction to the girls. ¬†They couldn’t wait to clamber up.

IMG_8494Thumbs Fingers up for Uncle Jason (says Beth in the photo below)!  This gym is so fun to explore, and that half-ball (a BOSU Рwhich stands for BOth Sides Up Рbalance trainer) is like a mini trampoline *bounce bounce bounce*!


Owner and trainer Jason started as a personal trainer with California Fitness in Singapore back in 1999 before going freelance in November 2003. So today, he has more than 10 years of experience under his belt. He also has a keen interest in various sports and physical activities, and is well versed in physical fitness training, sports conditioning and peak performance enhancements.  You can check out his long list of credentials and certifications here.

He is also a rabid Liverpool Football Club fan (he was in Istanbul at their Champions League victory, and is a member of the East of Anfield club here in Singapore), which may be a plus or minus, depending on your personal loyalties.


What we are profiling here is the #KidsFit program, that Real Fit gym has recently launched, and is specially designed for children 6 years & up, using the TruFit UNiT, ViPRs & other movement training tools.

This is meant to be a parent plus kid gym session, and is suitable for all levels of fitness. I think it’s a great idea for parents who would like to get trimmer, and also occupy kids who tend to get easily bored (say on weekends) with healthy physical activity (versus being glued to some i-Gadget or the TV). There aren’t that many class activities that parents can attend with their kids, so this is an innovative option!

Each session is half an hour long with one kid per parent, at $45 per session for 10 sessions.


If you’d like to find out more, just give them a call at the number below! They have adult classes too, if you’d like total focus by a trainer who can get you back into shape!


Real Fit
263 Tanjong Katong Road
Tel: 6444 6375

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