Viva topo

This is another game we had such a great time trying out, that we purchased a set for keeps! Also sleuthed out that Viva Topo means “Long live the mice!” in Italian. Haha, how’s that for cheering on the underdogmouse?

Apart from reading together (I love how the girls snuggle up to me when we do that), one of my favourite things to do as a family is to huddle around a board game. There’s just something so wholesome about it that shouts ‘friendship’ and ‘family’. Do you sense that when you play board games too? It’s quite inexplicable.

Lately, Viva Topo has risen to top the charts as our favourite board game! Or more specifically, B’s favourite. She asks for it very often (even if she doesn’t always have the patience to finish a full game) – ‘Can we play the mouse game?’ And more recently, ‘Viva Topo!’ in the cutest almost-three lisp.

The pieces come in a colourful paper bag – love!

The premise of this game is simple. Colourful wooden mice race around a track in pursuit of cheese. In return, the cutest orange-red cat (with tongue licking its lips) gives chase with every throw of the die on 1.
It’s simple enough for B to enjoy, yet fun for the older ones too, since one can strategise which mouse to move after the roll of the die. The cat also moves faster after a certain point, which does up the ante!

Little pieces of yellow wooden sections of cheese lay hidden at various corners and finally in ‘cheese nirvana’. One can make calculated decisions to maximise cheese attainment by ending one’s mouse’s journey in a particular cheese corner.

K always throws a “1” somehow – here she is moving the hungry cat with her 无影手。

And as always, this quality game is available from My First Games – I never cease to be amazed at the range of games they carry (more than 50?), for all ages! If you’re still racking your brains on what to spend your year-end bonus on, or what to get as a present for that child/friend/colleague/relative, be sure to check their site out!

We adore the beautifully crafted mice, and the entire set actually, all of which is made in Germany. I really hope the kids keep it in good condition such that my future grandchildren (God willing) can inherit it! What a lark it would be if I could play this game with them in time to come too! 
Ok, thinking too far now…

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  1. November 27, 2013 at 2:03 am

    Looks like a really fun game! I shall go get a set from My First Games 🙂

    • November 28, 2013 at 7:38 am

      Wonderful! It’ll bring more great bonding moments with Dana!

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