Toilet roll core butterflies

I’ve been hoarding toilet roll cores… saving them for my grand plans to make funky trains, or to bring them to a party or play date where many kids could benefit from my stash.

One evening, we were stumped on what to do, so I googled for some toilet roll craft ideas, and finally settled on a butterfly craft that looked simple enough.

paper and roll

washi tape and googly eyes

Line the roll with paper, cut out a butterfly shape, stick on washi tape feelers, stick on googly eyes, draw in mouth (my daughter insisted on eyebrows) etc, and voila! done.

We then proceeded to decorate them with all the odd alpha thickers – great way of using them up!

Pleased with her butterflies

Give it a try if you’ve been hoarding toilet paper cores like me! (C’mon, confess. I’m sure most of you have huge stashes!)

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