Tick tock little clock

We bought a little clock-making set from a mummy who was making a few kits.

K eagerly anticipated its arrival, since I told her I had ordered this, one evening after she kept asking me what she could do “with her hands”.

It arrived in a laminated sheet, and we cut out the numbers, clock face and hands of the clock.  K insisted on cutting out the numbers, which is why they all look, urm rather irregular unique.
The kit came with velcro dots, which had very strong adhesive backs.  Which was great, since it means that you can stick the numbers on, yank them off, and the velcro parts stay where they are supposed to.
Ta dah! After some help from me in using my trusty paper piercer to poke a hole through Hello Kitty’s face, the hands were in place with a gold coloured paper fastener.

Here’s how it looks after all the “minutes” have been stuck in too.  It supposed to help a child count in intervals of 5 too.  For now, K is just happy to make the clock hands reflect whatever time it is on our actual wall clock, when she can remember. 

She liked this craft so much, she insisted on bringing it out with her to the Parent-Teacher Meeting last week!

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  1. June 10, 2013 at 1:43 pm

    That’s a simple and cute idea for a clock – thanks for sharing! I think I might even have most of the materials at hand to make this, if I’m not too lazy!

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