Throwback Thursday – baby photos!

The kids looked quite alike as babies. So I thought I’d do up this fun ‘who’s who’ post.

Those who see them regularly have no trouble differentiating them in the photos though! So I guess this will mainly be a ‘in-the-same-outfit (or pose)’ album. The girls themselves had a great time chuckling over these photos.


image image image

Thought I’d post their pretty 1 year old cakes. I didn’t have a wedding cake, so K’s cake was pretty much my dream cake (within what we could spare as cake budget). B’s cake was from Pine Garden.

After this, the girls never had any elaborate cakes above $80 since we only had simple immediate family celebrations annually.

image image

Perhaps the next time they get a spectacular cake, they’d be 21? Haha!


Remembering the time when K used to enjoy tickling B under her chin as a gesture of affection. Tiny toes then!

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