Three runs in 15 days

One thing interesting about long jogs is that, whilst they are tiring, they are also invigorating.  And the scientific fact is that regular exercise increases one’s metabolism. So as one who loves my food, I mainly jog so that I can eat whatever I want, without too much fear that what’s “a minute on the lips, will be a lifetime on the hips”.

Another plus to jogging, is that I get to take in so many beautiful sights. For most of us, our daily routine includes long periods of facing four walls, and even when we go out we find ourselves surrounded by a sprawl of urban buildings.  So I do cherish these times when I can be in a park, surrounded by sun, sea, and sand…


This year started out well, and by the first half of the month, I managed to do three longish runs (average of 5km each). No indicator of lasting success I know, but still good!


When I jog, I try to be conscious of my surroundings, fully taking in the brilliance of the sky that day, or its murky white fish-belly hue. Most times, I don’t mind so much what RunKeeper computes, and often stop to take photos to capture a small frame of the beauty all around.


At first glance, this doesn’t look like our ol’ Singapore eh?


One of my favourite blooms.


An interesting hollow in a tree.

 Then there is this playground I jog past in a large residential estate, and it just makes me happy to see it brimming with kids and parents, even though it’s during the early evening on a weekday. Outdoor free play is one of the best times in a child’s day, I’m sure!


Sunset at playground.

Last week as I jogged, I looked up, and was treated to this awe-inspiring sight. It reminded me that “all heavens declare, the glory of our Risen Lord”. All nature indeed, testifies to how our world is created by intentional design.  
There is so much beauty around us, if we only take the time to notice it. Cloud-watch, gaze at the blue blue skies, or even when they seem to be a hundred shades of grey, drink deep of it all, and give thanks.

  2 comments for “Three runs in 15 days

  1. January 20, 2015 at 9:44 am

    What gorgeous sights along your run, I especially love the last pic! I like to take in the beauty of nature on our Sunday evening cycles too…the tranquility calms my restless soul and remind ume that GOD is greater than all of life’s anxieties and problems…
    Angie.S recently posted…The strengths in our stars – helping your children discover themselvesMy Profile

    • January 20, 2015 at 9:46 am

      Thanks for leaving a note, Angie! Amen to that! And yes, there’s something about being outdoors that just clears the mind and cheers the soul.

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