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Recently 4 year old B started drawing a bit more discernably, and I was surprised to see her produce this! I find it so cute, haha. (Wonder who graded it with an A*? ) I think someone mentioned, hey where are our noses? And she belatedly added noses in with another marker.

beth draw

7 year old K really enjoys drawing, and I wanted to keep a record of her drawings as they change. Was also reminded to do that recently, by my friend’s post of her kid’s cute princesses. Here are some from recent months, since the last post.

A sketch of her favourite themes – house, sky, person. This is the latest look of the typical ‘girl’ she draws.


I love looking at drawings like the one below, because they give an insight to what goes on in her mind, and it’s interesting to see what each of us is ‘doing’.

imageInitially I thought this was a phone, but it doesn’t resemble any of our phones. Upon a closer look, I realised that it’s a water game that I got them a while ago.  The screen shows little sticks that the little rings are supposed to get slotted in… They really liked this game.



She made her own ‘paper doll kit’. Instructions are to cut the drawings out along the dotted lines. The ‘grass’ is probably B’s contribution. She loves ‘adding’ to jie jie’s pieces and sometimes wars erupt as a result.


Here are some earlier drawings, taking pride of place on the wall of their grandparents’ home.


Here’s a cute big headed doll, saying bye and hope you enjoyed trotting through this gallery!


Happy children’s day one and all. No matter what date it falls on, it is a day to celebrate child-like wonder and child-like faith. No matter what the world throws at us, let’s retain a bit of that in our souls.

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  1. Zee
    October 11, 2015 at 8:06 am

    K can draw really well. I love that paper doll kit! Does she take ballet classes? Interesting that she dedicated an entire drawing to ballet school. Thanks for linking up! Have linked up too 🙂
    Zee recently posted…Little Creations – Princesses and Rainbows My Profile

    • October 12, 2015 at 3:38 pm

      Yup she takes ballet classes and loves them! Many of her drawings incorporate ballet lessons haha.
      Thanks for starting this idea and linking up!

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