The Sound of Music Musical 2017 – Marina Bay Sands Mastercard Theatres

The beloved musical “The Sound of Music” is back in Singapore once again!

It is the hubs favourite musical growing up, and he once told me that he has watched the 1965 TV production (starring Julie Andrews as Maria) at least 50 times in his childhood.

So we were thrilled to be able to bring the kids to watch it at the Mastercard Theatres during opening night!

This is the first time the girls are watching a ‘live’ musical version of The Sound of Music, as they are already familiar with Julie Andrew’s TV version from repeated viewings when on ‘staycation’ at their grandparents’.

We had an amazing time, as there is simply so much to love about this musical. A huge dose of feel-good nostalgia for those of us who have officially graduated from childhood, as we re-lived each well-loved song that we had memorised in halcyon days of youth.

And this was simply the most engaged audience I have ever been a part of! Before a note was even sung, the curtain opened to enthusiastic applause and cheers. And that continued as song after song was presented. At the end, the audience erupted into a most spontaneous, immediate, and unhesitating standing ovation, together with whoops of appreciation.

So what was special about this particular production? For a start, it was well cast.

Carmen Pretorius played a lively Maria (albeit a slightly too thin one – being on tour must be really tough!), and Nicholas Maude a very convincing Captain Von Trapp. The scene of the children hugging their dad actually brought me to tears.

I thought the best singer of the evening was the Reverend Mother. Janelle Visagie is a classically trained opera singer hailing from South Africa, and she rendered all her numbers with such grace, power and aplomb. 

The children were the true stars of the show, with 18 chosen from Singapore to rotate in the cast of the 7 Von Trapp children. An immense amount of work must have gone into training up to act and sing in harmony so effortlessly well!

I was also really impressed by the sets! Each swift rotation of panels transported us from the abbey, to the mountains, from the Von Trapp mansion back to the abbey… even the backdrops of sky, forest and mountain scenery behind the panels were wonderfully evocative.

The beauty of the Sound of Music also lies in the fact that every song is memorable and melodious. There were a couple of new songs added that didn’t resonate as much, but were good nonetheless. So much to enjoy every moment!

Add all that to the dramatic themes of patriotism, keeping a family together amidst the perils of World War Two, the tug between faith and passion (the Reverend Mother memorably and wisely councils Maria “loving Him doesn’t mean you love God any less”) as well as a love triangle, and you have a most spell-binding and non-vacuous plot.

Plus, this is probably the most wholesome musical that the whole family can enjoy, no matter how young or how old. Quite the perfect introduction to the world of musicals for children.

Heard that tickets are selling out fast, but you can check out Sistic on the latest availability!



Note: All photos from Base Entertainment.

Thanks Sliding Doors for the media invite!


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