The Royal Mail

Good colleagues are a true blessing. 
My peers in particular, are those I can count on, who do not shy away from pulling their weight at work, who are ridiculously fun, who I can commiserate in full honesty with, because they are trustworthy. 
And they are generous to boot, buying me lunch at the swish Royal Mail. 
This is one place where ‘fine British cuisine’ is not a joke. 

I had the English onion soup (very tasty), the Sakura Ebi Capellini (Brit-Jap-Italian?) which had perfectly done pasta, and the Black Forest Log cake. The latter was disappointing because there was no sight of the cherries mentioned in the menu. 
The remaining picture in the collage above is the apple parcel, which looked really cute. But the lovely part about it was the green apple ice-cream that was served alongside. 
We enjoyed the quiet ambience, with tables spaced well-apart, affording sufficient privacy. As with most white table linen establishments, service was good. 
It was a pleasant meal with good friends. We talked about future plans, pondered somber events, and just enjoyed the company. 
I am truly grateful for such peerless peers, haha. 

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