The Manhattan Fish Market’s New Flaming Platters


We were invited by The Manhattan Fish Market to try out their Flaming Feast of 4 Nations, which are a new series of Flaming Platters inspired by the signature dishes hailing from four familiar countries.


Specifically, we tried the Masarap Flaming Platter ($38.95) and the Oishi Ne Flaming Platter ($59.95). Each platter is meant for 2-3 people to share, depending on whether they are big or small eaters.

We had some refreshing drinks to start with (the Happiness Infusion that I had was very good, made me very happy indeed), before our first Flaming Platter arrived.


Masarap Flaming Platter ($38.95)


Masarap means “delicious” in Tagalog, and this was indeed so. The platter includes the Flaming Milk Fish Sisiq (top left – fresh fish dressed with flaming sauce and torched to bring out flavour) and the Spicy Baked Coconut Seafood Bicol Express (a mix of fresh seafood that is sauteed with garlic and onions before being cooked in coconut milk sauce). The Seafood Bicol Express was my favourite because it was so spicy, and the coconut flavour really went well with the seafood.

There was also Braised Chicken Adobo (‘Adobo’ being our family’s favourite Filipino dish style, as cooked by our beloved helper Aunty Susan. It means marinade in Spanish, and is a flavourful sweet and savory sauce), as well as the circles of Prawn Fritters, which is a popular street snack in the Philippines.



Oishi Ne Flaming Platter ($59.95)


The Oishi Ne Flaming Platter looks very impressive, and was torched just before being served to us (hence called the Flaming Platter).


The dish stars the King Crab, topped with Ebiko (flying fish roe) flaming sauce. There are Fresh Clams cooked in Miso Stock (my favourite part of the dish), The Manhattan Fish Market’s signature hand-battered Fish Fillet topped with Wasabi Mayo, as well as Ajitama Lava Eggs. I noticed that the eggs weren’t as mentioned, and highlighted it to the staff, who graciously apologised and informed the chef, who made us some with custard-like soft boiled yolks. Good service recovery!



We had a feast indeed!  All 4 Flaming Platters are available till 30 November, so you still have some time to go try them before they vanish from the menu.

Super kid-friendly 

One of my favourite things about The Manhattan Fish Market is how kid-friendly they are.

Just look at what they offer on their Kids’ Menu! Certainly not shoddily thrown together, the plating in itself will entice the fussiest kid to eat, don’t you think? At $7.95 each inclusive of a drink, I think they are great value for money, and those we tried were really scrumptious.


Here’s what our kids had, and they enjoyed it! The Pirate Surf n Turf ($7.95 with orange juice) was particularly impressive. There was fried fish strips (B said those were her favourite), fried chicken strips and fried mushrooms (my favourite – ok so I stole some).

The Crabby Fish Burger ($.7.95 with orange juice) had really interesting plating! Initially I thought it was made to look like a squid (french fry tentacles) but realised that as the name suggests, it’s a crab! (with cucumber and carrot pincers).


Our kids were super pleased with our feast, and how they were well-provided for. They were rewarded with a yummy Chocolate milkshare to share, after finishing their food.


Lunchtime promotion

The Manhattan Fish Market is also currently running this lunchtime promotion which sounds great to me. Check it out:



With 16 outlets islandwide, you are sure to find one conveniently located near you. Swim on down for a good meal!


The Manhattan Fish Market
Address: 2 Tampines Central 5, #01-37 Century Square, 529509
Tel: 6782 9983

Opening hours:
Sat-Sun: 8:30am – 10pm
Mon-Fri: 11am – 10pm


Note: Images (apart from the ones I took) are courtesy of The Manhattan Fish Market.

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