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Have you been wondering what this cute icon is doing on the sidebar of this blog? Well, click on it and you will find that it links to the first online remainder bookstore in Singapore.

I really like their “big dream of helping readers save money on good books”.

But, what are remainder books? Well, they are “brand new, overstock and overprint books”. As I browsed through, I felt totally spoilt for choice, as many wonderful children’s authors and popular titles are stocked.

The books are categorised well, and there’s even a bargain section where prices are further slashed!

Ordering was a breeze too, and I could pay by Paypal in a few clicks. The website is extremely detailed, and I appreciated the very specific notes on the conditions of the books. There was even a photo of the box of one, clearly depicting the minor dent.

For a flat fee of $5, the books are couriered to your chosen address in lightning speed.  I submitted my order slightly past midnight in the wee hours of Sunday morning, and the books arrived at 5:15pm on Monday! As indicated in the comments box, they arranged for delivery past 5pm, and the courier called me before coming up. Such prompt service and attention to detail is simply wonderful.

The package came with some of the cutest bookmarks I’ve ever seen!

Here are the books that arrived at my doorstep. The Calvin & Hobbes for me and the hubby ($8.90! Wrapped and new), the sticker atlas for K to learn about the continents and outer space, and the other three which I will feature below.

An Australian author I came across recently
This book on Aoki, the kokeshi doll, is simply too cute and so interactive – both my girls LOVED it.

Whimsical, frivolous, exactly what children’s literature should be

Run by a sweet husband-and-wife team, this is one local business that I’m pleased to support. Why wait weeks for the same books, when they can arrive in days at a lower cost?  Perfect for getting presents when you receive a party invite at short notice!

We will be partnering with The Groovy Giraffe, such that readers of Little Blue Bottle can receive a 5% discount (on all books apart from the bargains section) by entering the code “LBB” upon checkout. What are you waiting for? Go stock up your bookshelves with a fresh set of books today!

And don’t forget to “like” their FB page, which regularly features fresh-reads to inspire you and your kids! Let’s start getting groovy.

Note: We received some store credit and a discount on non-bargain books for this review.

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