The Bible Project – a visual draw-through of the Bible

We chanced upon “The Bible Project” recently.  What a joy to discover these guys!

We were quickly lured by its charming way of illustrating and explaining various books of the Bible.  Within 10 minutes or so, one book of the Bible is beautifully explained using nifty drawings.  For a generation such as ours, this visual way of explaining helps us to quickly understand the overall flow of one biblical book, before we plunge into the details.

The attraction cuts across ages too, as K and B also asked to view their videos on youtube! [I think it’s a fantastic resource for Sunday School too, as they handle the Word of God with such faithfulness whilst making it very engaging and current.]

Beyond the books of the Bible, the guys behind “The Bible Project” have also done illustrations on mega-themes found in the Biblical storyline.  Illustrated differently, but no less charming, this gives a broader overview on how a key theme develops across the biblical storyline.

We were so blessed by its ministry that we decided to make a small monthly donation to them.  Donations such as ours would help them complete illustrations for the rest of the Bible books by 2016.  They are 85% on the way of reaching their funding target, with $20,000 left to go.  So if you are looking to give to a meaningful project this year, why not contribute making a one-time or monthly contribution to them?  More details can be found here.

Plus, if you make a monthly donation, they would also ship one poster of your choice (subject to availability) to you all the way from Portland, Oregon!  We have already chosen ours and can’t wait to put it up.


Note: This was a guest post by the hubs.


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