The beach at our (almost) backyard

After the girls’ nap one weekend, we went to East Coast Park for a pre-dinner stroll, and to 吹一吹海风,which mummy loves.

Regarding the vastness of it all?

She saw me whip out the camera and asked for her daddy’s phone to take her own photos. Baby B insisted on being allowed to wander.

She’s so active these days, we have to watch out for cyclists on her behalf. She just walks ahead without a care, as if with blinkers!

where the vegetation creeps close to the coast

Writing her name – K’s at the age where she loves writing, possibly cos it looks adult. She loves grabbing a pen and paper and writing down very important things. From the previous hieroglyphic squiggles and lines to the cute letters now, she makes us spell things for her (your name Mummy! L… then?). She was so happy when I asked if she’d like to write on the sand with a stick. First time for her!


Happy to write mei mei’s name for her. My bossy little K loves doing things for mei mei then loudly proclaiming that it’s because I’m a big girl and mei mei is a little baby so she can’t do ____ yet…

B peering to see that jie jie spelt it right. haha!

Before i could stop her, it was PLONK on the sand. Guess I should have been more prepared with groundsheets and the like.

B loves dogs. The girls visit our local Pet Safari almost daily. She was fascinated by the dog chasing the waves here, and wanted to go close enough to touch it.

We got near enough to smile and wave eventually, but mummy wasn’t too keen on getting showers from the dog shaking the water off… Love the relak feel of this beach! Especially pleasant at dusk.

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