The Adventures of Squirky #4: Where is my Mama?

A cute parcel arrived recently, and it’s the latest installation of Squirky!



Squirky’s adventures continue, this time with the cliffhanger “Where is my Mama?”. In this edition, it is clear that we are slowly but surely inching towards finding Squirky’s birth parents!



After finishing it in one sitting, K said, “I wish I could read the next one now.” I told her once the entire series is out, we can sit down and read all from #1 to #6!



The text was slightly longer on some pages in this edition, which gave it slightly more of a lower primary as opposed to preschool feel.

I liked how the story brought us back to characters from the earlier installments of the series (the lovely Queen Stella) and how this episode saw Squirky putting aside his own quest to help another family in need. It’s all very heartwarming, especially when Squirky comes one step closer to meeting his parents.

Recently, I chanced upon a few adoptive / foster-care families on Instagram. They live in the US and their feeds tell a story of such love. One of them left an especially deep impression on me.

April, whose Instagram handle is @theleastofthese127 (reference from James 1:27), has 4 birth children aged 12-20+ (the bigs), and now has 5 children between 5-8 (the littles) – 3 adopted and 2 fostered, in her and her husband’s care.  Their youngest two adopted girls came to live with them more than 5 years ago, and more than a year ago they adopted a boy from a Ukrainian orphanage.

Cross-cultural adoption is instantly recognisable, and I was very touched by this caption on one of her photos:

A little girl at the pool today stopped and asked me of I was really Ellie Grace’s mom. I am so glad that I can say yes to that question and am so grateful EG came into our lives.

I found more details of her story on her blog, which also shares that in the summer of 2014, they actually had 3 adopted kids and 4 foster children in their home. The four children (including a baby) went home after 5 months of being in their care, and this post on meeting them again at a Christmas party brought tears to my eyes. This couple are complete saints, if you ask me.

I guess we can’t all be adoptive/fostering families, but we can definitely pray and help in whatever way possible when the opportunity presents itself. In the meantime, we can talk to our kids about adoption and fostering, so that it comes naturally to the next generation. And what better way than with the Squirky series of books?  : )


Giveaway time!

The author is generously giving away TWO copies of Squirky #4 to two readers here. Just complete all the following steps:

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Winners will be announced after the contest closes in a fortnight’s time, and contacted via email. The book will also be mailed to you if you win, so good luck!

You can also purchase Squirky at MPH bookstores all around our island.


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Note: We were given a copy of this book for the purpose of this review.

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