The Adventures of Squirky #3: The Red Commander (with Giveaway!)

IMG_8442Book #3 in the Squirky series is out! K&B now recognise the series (here are the reviews of Book #1 and Book #2) so they were happy to read it and find out what happened next to Squirky.

This book #3 itself ends on a real cliff-hanger so we really can’t wait for the next one to be published.

Personally, I really like Book #3, because the Red Commander is quite a complex character. Beneath his harshness, was guilt and a broken heart.



The story is also inspiring to little ones because it shows that you are never too young to show some care and concern to older folks, and how you can also encourage an adult with good advice!


One of my favourite things about the book is that it always comes with a useful section at the back. This edition tackles “awkward adoption questions”.  Apart from being very useful to adoptive parents, it also educates non-adoptive parents on what questions not to ask. One would have thought that the latter is common sense, but sometimes the kaypoh auntie in us takes over, and we ask really insensitive questions.

I particularly liked the answer to the question “Aren’t you afraid your adopted child will reject or leave you once he or she gets older?

Suggested reply:

“We fully expect our son to leave when he grows up and has his own life. We don’t expect him to take care of us in our older years. In the meantime, we intend to bring him up and provide for him the best way we can. We can’t control how he responds to use as parents as he gets older, but we will always love and support him.

I thought that was a very wise reply, and all parents would do well to adopt (pun intended, heh) the same mentality. Although we would still try to inculcate filial piety in all our children, none of us should be rearing children with the expectation that they will care for us, or worse still, as some insurance policy against old age poverty. That’s really a bit 1950s.

Whilst we don’t expect them to fly the coop at age 18 and never be seen or heard from again, I think the next generation will have enough trouble trying to keep their own family afloat. Which is why we have to be responsible in saving for our own retirement, instead of overspending on them, in the hope that they will dole out enough cash for us to live on in our golden years. (Ok, public service announcement over.)

So for such wise answers and more, get a copy of The Adventures of Squirky #3: The Red Commander, today!


Giveaway time!

The author is generously giving away TWO copies of Squirky to two readers here. Just complete all the following steps:

1. “Like” The Adventures of Squirky FB page

2. “Like” LilBlueBottle’s FB page

3. “Like” and leave a comment on this post with your email address, tagging two friends.

Winners will be announced after the contest closes in a fortnight’s time, and contacted via email. The book will also be mailed to you if you win, good luck!


Note: We were given a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. 

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    The winners are Tan Ying Ling and Carol Lim, congrats!
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