Tanuki Raw

Tucked inside the National Design Centre of Singapore, located together with Kapok, is a branch of Tanuki Raw.



The high ceilings and airy layout make this a very pleasant dining venue. Add that to the fact that you could browse around Kapok whilst waiting for your food to be served, is another plus.

imageThe food arrived, and it was every bit as delicious as I was told it would be. Tanuki is a term in Japanese folklore that refers to a mischievous mythical creature, somewhat like an imp I suppose. So Tanuki Raw serves Japanese-inspired rice bowls, featuring appealing mains of Black Angus short rib (as yakiniku), Salted Duck Egg Char Siew, as well as the more traditional Bara Chirashi.

Pictured above from top right (clockwise) is the Truffle Yakiniku Don, Garlic Butter Chicken Don, Foie Gras Truffle Yakiniku Don and Grapefruit Tonic.

I thought it was extremely helpful of them to list the full menu of both branches on their website, with all prices stated too. It is best to have lunch there, since the prices are about $3-$4 lower, and they offer a “set add-on” of miso soup, green tea and japanese salad, all for the price of $2.

More recently, I had their Chirashi Don at the Orchard Central branch, and it was so good! Even better than Sumiya’s (also at Orchard Central, which currently has a rather annoying hoity-toity practice of rejecting all walk-ins even when the restaurant is 80% empty), given the fresh and sweet large scallops, in addition to all the yummy and generous portions of sashimi!



Just found out that these guys are also behind the concept stores of Shinkansen.co and StandingSushiBar. Now I want to try those too.


Tanuki Raw at Kapok
111 Middle Road
01-05 National Design Centre
Singapore 188969

Tanuki Raw at Orchard Central
181 Orchard Road
#04-01 Orchard Central
Singapore 238896
e-mail: tanuki@tanukibar.com

[Please note that they do not take reservations.]

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