Tampines Regional Library – and 9 great books to inspire children with

I know I’m really late to the party but I just stepped into the new Tampines Regional Library located at Our Tampines Hub recently. Cross the road from the NTUC Income building, and one flight of escalators brings you right to the entrance of the beautiful library.

It was nice to see that an old playground featured prominently at the historical gallery on the side, at the 2nd level entrance of the library. Yes, playgrounds are a big part of our local history!

Atop this cute display shelf was a beautiful diorama featuring the old Tampines library building, amongst other Tampines landmarks.

I love this!

There were so many floors of well-lit spaces, and unending shelves of books. I think I could easily spend an entire day here, browsing for books and getting lost in them as I sit in the various cosy reading nooks or study tables.

The children’s section on the third floor is huge! Easily 3 times the size of the children’s section at the Bedok Library, which is slightly newer than the Tampines Library.

This means that there is a lot more space to have numerous shelves that are just the right height for preschoolers and lower primary children to access. Most of the shelves are such that you can see the covers of books too, which is another age-friendly feature.

I was so pleased to find some elusive Brad Meltzer books at the non-fiction section of the library, which is ahead of the escalators when you first reach the third floor. (I placed them on this display shelf just for this photo, haha.)

I read the Lucille Ball one and loved it – who knew that there was so much to admire about the lady behind “I love Lucy”?

At the non-fiction section, I chanced upon these books from the “Little People, Big Dreams” series too. Finding them was like striking gold! For a beautifully illustrated book that is well-written with an inspiring story to tell is worth its weight in gold indeed.

Here are their call numbers for easy reference!

I was so thrilled to find one on Agatha Christie.

I am a HUGE fan of Agatha Christie’s, and wrote a review of her 560 page autobiography here. I watched Murder on the Orient Express recently with some old secondary school friends, and we LOVED it. Totally floored by the cinematography and the superb acting (now we can’t wait to go together to watch Death on the Nile).

I have said it before, and I’ll say it again – I have so MUCH LOVE for our public libraries. Best in the world!!


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