Swimming’s more fun with a pal

After quite a few lessons, K’s getting into the swimming lesson groove.  Her behaviour at class gives us a glimpse into how she behaves at school.  She really is quite quiet and compliant mostly.  At times, she’ll decide she’s had enough, and then there’s no convincing her to do more. She doesn’t scream or kick up a loud fuss then, just shakes her head and moves away or refuses to budge.

Here she is with her church friend who lives in the same neighbourhood as us – they see each other at least once a week, so they know each other quite well. It’s nice to take lessons with a friend, so there’s positive peer pressure to go along with the exercises.

This was a good morning, where they were happy to smile for the camera.

Aww – with matching goggles and swim boards that her friend’s mum helped purchase (thanks!)

Since I haven’t gone to the extent of getting matching swimsuits (yet, haha! if they even exist), for the meantime, we content ourselves with matching flip flops, acquired from Phuket!

Fast forward a month or so… just a few days ago (11 Nov 2012) Kay manages to be independent enough to “swim” with a float all by herself! A baby step towards real swimming, but we were well proud of her. 🙂

I think one thing that swimming’s taught her is that learning a skill doesn’t come easy, and sometimes we have to push our limits, overcome our fears, and literally take the plunge. It’s subconsciously been a good way of helping her to build up her confidence, and belief in what she can achieve. Plus I think it helps to build strong lungs! What’s not to love, seriously?

Another positive externality is how the daddies get a special chance to bond with their daughters. Some sessions, all three dads turn up, though it’s not required at all. Here they are, horsing around or simply being involved and present fathers. LOVE.

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