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It was a breezy Friday, and after attending a book swap we ventured to the open plaza at the National Library to check out Superhero me. I had heard about this fair from my writer friend Mel, who was participating in it, as well as from my friend In the Wee Hours, who said it was loads of fun.

Since I can’t put it any better, here is what they are about, from the SuperHero Me website:

SUPERHERO ME was born on Children’s Day 2014 to empower a group of preschoolers, mostly from less privileged families, to develop a stronger sense of self. It has since grown into a values-based movement inspiring children from all walks of life to build resilience and confidence.

Superhero Me is proud to be part of START WELL, a community-led initiative backed by the Lien Foundation and SEED Institute (Singapore’s largest early childhood training provider) that champions our children’s right to a happy childhood today, even as we prepare them for the demands of tomorrow.

A chance for adults and children to bond, Superhero Me builds character, celebrates imagination and is an opportunity to affirm children in their desire to do good. Participants are challenged to craft costumes from everyday household items and make the most with what little they have. Originally intended for children between ages 4 – 9, Superhero Me has reached out to a wide demographic with its values and positive energy.

Harness the power of our free toolkit here.

IMG_0818Heard from a friend who went in the morning that they were closed from 130 pm – 215 pm for lunch. It was 210 pm, so we monkeyed around a little.

IMG_0819With a scarf like that, how frightening could Rexxie really be, now?

IMG_0820I had participated in a Superhero Me craft kit giveaway, where I entered K as a ‘superhero’ called mini-power-writer (I am clearly not a proper writer – how many hyphens allowed in a word, really?), cos she loves to write. This was part of a 5-page story she wrote last November (aged 6), which surprised us somewhat.


What’s B’s superpower? I suppose it’d have to be related to having boundless energy, or to being able to roll up and down beds in the night, whilst still remaining mostly asleep. We were one of the craft kit winners, so I had a chance to learn about what meaningful work this festival was – helping children in need through craft.

IMG_0822I think the young people who own Logue and In Merry Motion, who co-produced this festival and led the volunteers at the plaza every single day are amazing. Wei Yan and Jean Loo – you gals deserve a National Award. Seriously. (More raves and details why coming up later.)

We started out at the Up and Away station, after watching In the Wee Hours’ videos and loving them. Is that wall of props super cute or what?! B took a shine to the Ice Cream Cone Shield.

IMG_0823K has always been partial to butterflies, so these butterfly wings it was. I thought it was so awesome that they are made of paper plates! From far they look like they were made of felt circles or something.


Once we entered the plaza, I was already impressed by the cheeriness of the volunteers. It was like entering a set where everyone was a Hi-5 presenter, just sans make-up and thus more lovely than ever. They were so patient and kind to the children, and I only needed to hover at a distance, because the girls became instantly comfortable with these jie jies and kor kors.

IMG_0826 IMG_0827

After taking just 5 photographs, they were done! Enough material to make a short stop-motion video. Within hours, the links were ‘live’ and we could view these! Uber cute or what.

Then, it was 230 pm, and we proceeded to to the Power Station, to hear the story of the five values from Winnie. She’s a delightful storyteller, and explained the five values of Resiliance, Respect, Kindness, Patience and Gratitude. Then it was time to choose a value, and make a badge to remind oneself of it. K chose Respect (cos she saw an example of shiny sequins on it, that magpie of mine), and B chose Kindness, probably cos it was a Fruit. Nom nom.

IMG_0828The craft materials were cheery and provided in abundance, and I loved how they were related to simple objects for easy memory – Heart of Respect, Tree of Resilience, Cloud of Patience (cos it takes a long time to form! Loved that analogy, and need it as a reminder to self), Fruit of Kindness, and Bird of Gratitude.

IMG_0830My favourite was the Tree of Resilience. I think that’s an important value to nurture in the next generation, since it is the value that they (we) are most likely to lack.

IMG_0837Gotta love the little stars – plus I managed to get the same value’s write-up pictured in the background! Heh.

IMG_0832Each Captain in a blue tee shepherded three kids to start making their badges / medals.

IMG_0834Choosing some materials in a pretty cupcake cup.

IMG_0835Coincidentally, the sisters ended up at the same table, though they had different Captains to trail.

The biggest reason that we had such a super time (pun intended) = the Captains, who were enthusiastic, tireless youth volunteers from @loguesg and @inmerrymotion. They impressed me so much. I don’t think any of them were parents, yet they related so well to children, and were so patient with them. I heard that there were nasty parents and the like – SHOO to them indeed. And BOO too, for being a disgrace. The team tried to keep their spirits up in the face of nasties, and all I can say is Good will Triumph over Evil on the last day, so keep doing what you know is right and rude people will meet their just desserts one day, and I’m not talking about apple pie.

Special mention goes to Wei Yan, who was B’s Captain. I didn’t know then that she was one of the main organisers, but it was clear that she simply embodies the entire spirit of the event, being such a champion encourager and gracious host.



The kids, urm young adults, at Up and Away, The Meadow and everywhere were also bubbling with enthusiasm and good cheer even though as parents we know how crazy draining it is to conduct something like that for 1 hour not to mention whole days on end. They already conducted an entire morning session. I would have totally wilted by then.

Thanks also to the sponsor Lien Foundation (always love the work you do and the research you commission) for making it possible for any kid to attend, free of charge. And for inspiring children in need, that as a society, we care and will help them achieve their dreams.

No effort was spared in the beautiful set-up, creating a wonderland of sorts.

IMG_0840A purposeful wonderland at that. Here is no gratituous pretty tree. Hail the Tree of Resilience.


At The Meadow, kids got acquainted with the games their parents played as kids.

IMG_0854Pin the Power!

IMG_0856Hopscotch! With kuti-kuti and paper ball ‘prizes’.

IMG_0858Here’s mini-power-writer penning a short cloud message (hur hur) for the children of the world.

imageThey had such a great time crawling in and out of the bear’s den (bear’s head), peeping through the portholes at its base, and just having a crazy good time in general.


Thank you organisers and volunteers, for making this such a meaningful event, and for teaching our kids values that truly matter, as well as showing by example, what youth ought to be all about. Channelling energy and idealism towards selfless service, and having great fun in the process!

Beyond the children, I think all of you inspired and touched many parents that day. It even makes me somewhat more heartened about Singapore’s future – there is hope yet for our nation. ( :

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    July 3, 2015 at 7:26 pm

    Looks and sounds like so much fun! Too bad I missed this. And I must say, K is really good at posing for pictures!
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