Super cool Citiblocs (with Discount Code and Giveaway!)

We have been fans of Citiblocs for a long time, even building up a portfolio of structures, heh. There’s something about these wafer thin, precision-cut blocks that are so simple, yet so versatile.

Each block is made from Grade A Radiata Pine from certified renewable forests in New Zealand, and certified non-toxic, so no worries if your kid takes a shine to chewing on it.

For us, on weekdays after dinner, we mentally scroll through the games options for the evening. The suggestion of Citiblocs is always met with a resounding ‘YES!’ from both kids. Sometimes, they have their own way of playing with it – for instance, the four year old recently declared them as ‘plates’ to dish out plastic ice cream on, or is very happy to sort them into colour-specific piles, whilst the 6.5 year old loves forming simple structures, or letters and words with the blocks.

Personally, I find it very fulfilling to decipher how to construct a complex structure, especially those that seem to defy gravity.

As they say, from tiny acorns grow big oaks. A base that is so simple…


…grows to this ‘three-storey high’ behemoth!


I find it fascinating that something that looks quite sturdy (as if it stands only because it is glued together) is actually only tenuously held together by the simple force of gravity. It trains up a sense of balance, precision in positioning pieces, and to me, constantly evokes a sense of wonder.  That such a structure can actually be constructed without grooves or snaps, and is just a swing away from being decimated (which is shiok in itself, especially for those who didn’t put in the sweat to construct it).


Other quaint structures that are more stable and thus easier for little hands to put together include this country house.



Here’s another structure that I challenged myself to make. The girls were intrigued by it. The base tower is not easy to construct since each vertical slice is clasped in place by three horizontal slices. It’s hard to explain but if you give it a try, you’ll know what I mean.



I improvised a little on the globe, and it didn’t turn out as ’round’ as I would have liked (since the picture in the pamphlet looked much more magically ROUND), but this was the best I could figure from staring hard at the picture, since there were no instructions!


Wanna create your own masterpiece? My First Games is the sole distributor of Citiblocs in Singapore, and is offering 20% off all Citiblocs to Lil Blue Bottle readers! Just enter “CTBPROMO” at check out to enjoy the discount on Citiblocs from now till the end of June.


Our other Citiblocs creations



My First Games is generously giving away two boxes of 50 Citiblocs – one in Cool colours and one in Hot colours, worth $29.90 each! Two readers stand to win a box each!

To enter, complete all the following steps:

1. “Like” My First Games’ FB Page

2. “Like” LilBlueBottle’s FB page

3. “Like” and leave a comment on this post with:
a) your email address,
b) tag three friends; and
c) indicate whether you’d like the “Hot” or “Cool” colours, or whether you don’t mind winning either.

The usual terms and conditions apply, and the giveaway will close on 2359 hrs on 5 June 2015.


Update on 6 June 2015

The giveaway is now closed and the winners are……



……Michelle Lee and Adeline Chong! Congrats!!

We will be emailing both of you soon.



Note: We are a friend and affiliate of My First Games’. : )


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