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I had the most fantastic meal at Stirling Highway recently. Tucked into a corner next to Ridgewood Condo near Pandan Valley Road, it serves the most amazing food I’ve eaten in a while. There were about 8 of us who ordered a wide variety of their offerings, and every dish I tried was super yummy.


Anyone who’s visited Perth should be familiar with Stirling Highway, which is the main expressway linking cool suburbs to downtown Perth. The owners are a young couple (not pictured here) who studied there, and I was particularly impressed by E, who cooks every single dish and bakes every single cake in her cafe. How does a girl this young cook like that?! She’s simply gifted.

Hanging out there, I also got a tiny taste of the fun parts of what it must feel like to run your very own little cafe. Taking orders, serving food, hearing exclamations of appreciation… it’s like what K&B love to do at home, just writ large. In real life, I know it’s incredibly tough to be in the F&B business in Singapore, and tons of hard work, sweat and tears must go behind keeping a cafe going.


Although they have not opened for very long, they have already made a name for themselves through their Pulled Pork Pancakes (with Jack Daniel’s Maple Syrup!), raved about by many proper food bloggers far more influential than myself.  Channel Seven from Australia even filmed a feature on them recently and aired it in Perth, wow.


From top left: Pulled pork pancakes, pasta with chicken and mushroom, Paper baked seafood (including squid, prawns, asparagus and white wine), and Prawn (basil and spinach) Pesto.

Here’s how I found the mains: apart from the Pulled Pork Pancakes, my favourite would be the Mentaiko Pasta. There is something about it that makes you want to finish up every last morsel.  The ingredients are generous and fresh, something the cafe owner is very proud of.


From top left: Arugula salad with char-grilled watermelon, delicious fried wings coated with hot sauce, awesome Mentaiko pasta, and Pulled Pork Pizza (even the crust is handmade here).

It’s also a kid-friendly cafe, as the little ones with us that evening can attest to. There is a shelf of toys and simple boardgames, and the kids had a blast exploring all of them. We went on a weekday evening, so the cafe wasn’t too crowded but I heard that it gets really busy on weekends!  So be prepared to wait about 20 minutes for your food at peak periods, since there is only one executive chef who cooks every dish herself.


From top left: Sticky date pudding and salted caramel tart, three babycinos for the three little ones, really yummy cake, two grinning girls and one boy pretending to be morose.

There is a very comfortable, homey vibe to the place, and prices are really reasonable for such quality gourmet fare. Lucky for you if you live in the vicinity – I know we’d be there all the time if we did!

Follow them on FB for updates – I have!


Stirling Highway

Address: 5 Ridgewood Close, Singapore 276696
Tel: 6464 9607


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  1. Zee
    December 22, 2014 at 7:18 am

    Looks good! I actually haven’t heard of them prior to reading your post but am now tempted to check it out soon. Thanks for the recommendation 🙂
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