Stacey goes to the Peranakan Museum (with giveaway!)

This is Lianne Ong’s second book in her museum series (the first saw Stacey exploring our National Museum), and features a quirky, delightful walk through the Peranakan Museum.


32 pages of full colour illustrations and an easy to read font meant that six year old K loved it.


Although I am not Peranakan, I recall being fascinated by the exhibits at the museum when I last visited. Even if our ancestors were pure Chinese immigrants, I would say most of us Singaporean and Malaysian Chinese today are indeed Straits Chinese, with a very distinct culture from the mainland Chinese.

I recall recording a short video clip at one of the interactive stations, and penning a long note to deposit at the ‘thoughts’ box after learning so much about Stella Kon at the Emily of Emerald Hill exhibit then.

When I read this book, I immediately recognised the gorgeous glass bead tablecloth that was the centerpiece exhibit in one room. Just as the girls do in the book, I recall gawking over it at length. Millions of tiny glass beads, woven into an intricate beaded tapestry of flora and fauna – a mesmerizing sight to behold. What a treat it would be for a child to see a piece introduced in this book come to life, so to speak, at the museum!

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Some of our favourite picture books are the James’ Mayhew’s Katie series, where she explores art museums and gets into all sorts of imaginary troubles. Bringing museum art appreciation into a book is wonderful, and I’m glad Lianne Ong has embarked on doing so for our very own museums, which are national treasures in themselves.

I loved how Mei said “…let’s have a party and play masak-masak.” The vernacular phrase is something so local and familiar to Singaporean children, and ties in nicely with the Peranakan theme of being at a tok panjang feast.  One always feels that bit closer to a story, when it’s written by a compatriot!

The husband felt that it was a bit disconcerting to have a statute wink at you, but I thought most children would not be unduly bothered by that. What I couldn’t help but notice and wonder why the lovely geometric prints on the aunt’s skirt somehow kept changing in proportion, but that’s just me.  When I asked K, she said she enjoyed “the story” and “the pictures” – understated, but truly the essence of a book I suppose!


Stacey goes to the Peranakan Museum is available here (currently at a special 15% off price of $13.64).

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For more perspectives on the book, here’s a friend’s review of the same book!

Note: We received one copy of this book for review purposes. 

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  1. March 3, 2015 at 10:08 am

    Hi Lyn, Thanks so much for your review! My heart skipped a beat when you mentioned James Mayhew in the same breath. We love Katie too. Perhaps one day, Stacey and Katie should meet and they could go on an adventure together. 😉

    • March 3, 2015 at 10:48 am

      Yes, wouldn’t that be lovely? They could have a student exchange with homestay! 🙂 Most welcome, and keep writing these wonderful books for our children!

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