Spanking new playground and moments of quiet

A morning I had recently brought me back to this post. B had pretty high fever the night before, and in the morning it was still around 38.3, so we decided I’d be the one to apply for Child MC this time, to bring her to the doctor nearby.

B was in good spirits though, singing and dancing in the clinic’s waiting area… she’s at that wonderfully un-self-conscious phase where she doesn’t care if no one really wants to hear her loud voice. Had to shush her a bit, since she might be making someone’s migraine worse!

As we headed home, she asked to go to the playground, as per her usual routine. Since her fever had abated and she was bouncing with energy, we stopped at one of the new playgrounds in our neighbourhood. It was so new that I hadn’t even seen it yet. So I felt a bit like a regular SAHM as we whiled away the moments at the playground, no rush for anything at all.

One of the three slides in this structure
It wasn’t easy to balance on this (I tried)!
Great that it’s so low it doesn’t matter if you fall off!

I liked the rumbling sound these little white balls made…

She sure feels at home around here

She didn’t want to leave the playground, but when I finally managed to persuade her to, we strolled along a path, thick with the fragrance of tiny yellow flowers that had fallen from the tall trees above.

Really fragrant flowers

I thank the Lord for these pure, unhurried and unharried moments. Moments when we can just be.

I do feel guilty for rushing them most mornings, hustling them along to get out of the house on time for school. There’s even the threatening ‘Hurry up! Wear your shoes! One… Two… Three!’ I don’t enjoy nagging but children this age can be such dawdlers! Well, I guess they are just not conditioned to our crazy pace of life yet, which I really should start seeing as a good thing…

If this is my little imp when she’s down with a bug, can you imagine what she’s like in the pink of health?!

I do give thanks too, that she’s much better now! My sunny little girl, who dashes about like a little tornado, with scant regard for whoever she tramples upon (usually the limbs of her parents) as she scales sofas, beds and windows! May the good Lord watch over you, my little acrobat.

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  1. September 3, 2013 at 4:01 am

    Those slow, unhurried moments are indeed precious!

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