Some writer! The Story of E.B. White

I chanced upon this book ‘Some Writer!’ in the library and it was a real gem!

Most folks will be familiar with E.B. White as the author of Charlotte’s Web (my vintage copy from my own childhood pictures below), but how much so we know of the man?

This beautiful biography was both written AND illustrated by Melissa Sweet. She is so, so talented.

I loved everything about it. The design and page layouts, the story it told of E.B. White’s life, in such vivid detail. The entire book is a work of art, much like the Morpurgo scrapbook of poems I reviewed previously.

It even has a photo of a note he wrote. Cool handwriting eh? And the note showcases his own brand of quirky humour.

I wasn’t aware that he wrote Stuart Little, which was a runaway success long before Charlotte’s Web was written.

Here’s a poignant picture of him as a Grandfather, on a trip to the family farm with his grandson, still exhibiting much of the child in him.

Here’s the library call number too. Enjoy!


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