So blessed to have you, Papa!

I like to say, having a great daddy is better than a million buckaroos.  Cos we all know, it’s something money can’t buy.

Father’s day this year falls on 17 June, so whilst the children are too little to pen their own appreciative posts, the task shall fall on their mama!

A special shout to my own Papa.  Though never earned spectacular amounts of money, to buy us what fancies money could, in his own quiet, caring, long-suffering way, has been the best daddy in the world to me too.

From K and B:

Dear Papa,

Mama always says that you’re such an amazingly involved Daddy.  Even though she could tell that you were a very superior species of male when she met you, she really didn’t expect you to be such a stellar Dad.

You took 2 weeks leave when each of us was born, and would wake up almost every time Mummy did for those 2 weeks when we fussed in the night. After the first few months, you’d take turns to prepare milk in the night, and help wash the pump whenever you could too.

You were a pillar of support when breastfeeding got tough for mummy (which was MANY MANY times), and took it upon yourself to enthusiastically learn how to bathe us, prepare formula milk or heat up expressed breast milk, change diapers etc… basically you could do everything Mummy could, sans breastfeed.

Even our confinement nanny commented that you were one of the most involved dads she’d ever come across.

These days, you work long long hours at work, but on most weekends, apart from when you have church meetings, you spend it all with us.  You’ve even brought me (K) to a couple of church meetings where the uncles and aunties were quite amused!  When you’re home, you take turns with mama to help us get down for our naps, which you’re really good at!  You wrack your brain for places to bring us, preferably outdoors, amidst greenery or waves. You try to avoid the crazy crowds in malls, which we still go to, but mostly regret thereafter.  When out, you take turns with Mama at the Ergo, and ever since Orlando Bloom was sighted in one, you’ve been toting B in ours with just a tad more pride, even if some uncles tend to stare.

Mummy feels very blessed that you understand her weariness at waking up in the nights to nurse B these days, so you’ll take the shift from 530am onwards, and pat B back to sleep and bring her out when she refuses to sleep after 630am, sometimes earlier.  So mummy gets a bit of a lie-in till 7 or 730, with K.  Some weekend mornings, you bring both kiddos out to buy breakfast, and the aunties who sell you food have even asked to see your very lucky wife someday! (Mummy tells you to tell them that she was on the night baby shift)

You are strict on discipline, and have imposed a moratorium on toys.  It’s true, we have too much and are going to give a pile away to those who are more needy.  You do not hesitate to mete out punishments, haul us to the naughty learning corner, or make even baby B sign “sorry” when she is rebellious.  But we still love you very much, and know that you love us all the same.

We love it when you swing us up high, tip us UPSIDE DOWN with our hair all awry as we scream and giggle with glee.  We love your tummy tickles and when you draw mummy and all of us close in a big bear hug. You are the father that every little girl should have, a living example of how a man should treat his wife, and a father his daughter.

We are so blessed to have you, Papa!  May the Lord continue to grant you wisdom in leading our family, and in seeking a balance between work responsibilities and prioritising us! haha.  We love you!

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