Sisterly love

I take so many pictures, mostly because I want to hoard up these moments, render them timeless, instead of forgetting them in time.

I can’t capture them all though, so I write the rest down. Like how minutes after both of you wake up, when the sky is still dark, you decide to put a blanket over both your heads, chirping “Let’s go and scare Papa!”, both giggling all the way.

I cherish the sweet moments, when K patiently feeds B, or hoists her up to reach a lift button. Where K stretches over as far as she can go in her car seat, to hold B’s blouse just-so, to stop it from poking her.

I try to convert the acrimonious moments into ones where they learn to understand each other, to empathise with each other, instead of growing up in a me-centred world.

My dear girls, you are so, so blessed to have each other. These days, when you play so well together, hiding in a mass of pillows, or cooking up stories, each acting a quirky part, we smile. In future, whatever life throws at you, you will have each other. And I pray that you will always be close, and that you’ll be best friends by choice, like so many other sisters I know.

I am so, so blessed to have the both of you. I write to remind myself of this.

The challenges of this age are relatively simple. As I look at older children, I see the lost innocence, the seeping in of the world. As sisters, may you both encourage each other towards what is true and good, what is pleasing to God and holy. As parents, we pray often, for wisdom to point you towards all that too.

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  1. January 6, 2014 at 4:15 pm

    K and B are so so sweet to each other. Love this sisterly bond between them 🙂

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