Sisterly Love

K has always been affectionate to B. From the time she would gently rub my baby bump, to when she’d say remember to pray for baby B even before she was born, to tiptoeing to gaze at her for the first time in the hospital cradle, to suddenly saying “B is so cute”, to singing to her sweetly in the car to calm her down when B throws a fit.

When B didn’t immediately yank off her hairband I knew I had to whip out the camera. K looks like she chik-kek-ing B here but she was just trying to keep B still so she could plant the kiss right!

Even though B looks the same size to me for the past half a year, she’s actually growing up quick! I was amused to see her take a little tube and applying it to her lips like lip stick. Haha, might have been from observing her sister (whom I gave some lip balm to) or me. K wanted lip stick but settled for lip balm which she applies copiously! oh well, over moisturised lips never hurt anyone. B is also a girl of distinct likes and dislikes.

She’d shake her head vigourously and get her booty out of the room if you’re offering her something she doesn’t want. Sometimes she wave her hands wildly no-no too, in case you were thick. She’s particular about what bedtime songs you sing to her, going Eh-Eh-Eh-Eh to stop you if she doesn’t like your song. Ask her “do you want Joy to the World”, she’d reply an affirmative “Eh” and then stay quiet as you sing her the approved choice.

K on the other hand, has been amusing us with the random things she makes up and says. She has three imaginary friends (Merica, Claire and Estelle), and a “hello kitty house in Australia”. “This house is so plain. I have a hello kitty house.” I remember hubs and I anxiously looking forward to her speaking, and musing about how her voice would sound etc. When she spoke, it was like a window opened into her little mind, and we could catch glimpses of her thought processes. She yabbers non stop at home (but is apparently quite quiet in school and at Sunday School – amazing!) Lately, she spouted all this
 nonsense stuff at one sitting:

  • when the clouds turn green and fall in your hand that means clop
  • Fittance means when the frog jumps into the water
  • Caimp when you jump on the clouds then it turns green
  • Dace is when the fan turns then you jump to the ceiling and hold the fan that’s the sound
  • … means when the rain comes down and snap together
  • jump jump jump take some balls and throw to the floor
  • if you do that the government will throw toys at you (we’ve never introduced that term to her, so we figured she picked it up from overhearing hubs and my animated political discussions, and used it as she fancied)

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