Set Restaurant at PoMo

We were invited to SET restaurant at PoMo recently, and had a really good dinner.

The restaurant itself is spacious and particularly suitable for large gatherings of friends or family.  They also have a kid’s menu, which is thoughtful and unique, since even the kids get an entire set (starter, soup, choice of main and dessert!), not just one serving of the usual fried food.

Main Dining Hall (2)

View of the entire spacious restaurant (Source: SET)

Private Room (1)

Large private room that can be partitioned into two or three smaller rooms (Source: SET)

Service was prompt, attentive yet not intrusive, and the waitstaff were knowledgeable about the dishes served.  Just the right recipe to make you want to go back again!  So how was the food?  Here is the story in photos, a feast for the eyes as it was for our tummies.  (Photos from SET are as indicated, and the rest are taken by me.)

Chef’s Starter


Chef’s starter – Bacon and Mushroom Gratin with homemade toast

We enjoyed the homemade toast, which is the fluffy soft kind found at old school bakeries. Toasted to a golden brown, it was a great start to our meal, and a refreshing change from the warm western style bread usually served at Italian restaurants. The gratin went well with it as a spread too.


A set 1

Tomato Caprese (Source: SET)

A set 2

Smoked Duck Breast (Source: Set)

A set 3

Salmon Garvlax (Source: SET)

A set 3.1

Huai San Carpaccio (Source: SET)

My favourite was the tomato caprese, as the mozzerella cheese in the form of foam was extremely tasty.  The salmon was delicious, and the Huai San refreshing.

Dinner side dish


King Oyster Mushroom with Truffle foam

This was a pretty unique dish and the truffle foam pairing matched well.


We sampled all four soups on offer.  My personal favourite was the Double-Boiled Herbal Chicken soup. The chef’s rendition of this hit all the right notes, since I am totally partial to Chinese clear soups.

The hubs liked the Pumpkin soup the most, and I did agree that it was the most flavourful.  We were not so excited about the Mushroom Veloute with Peanut Butter, though the Miso Soup with Sake was good, and definitely scored presentation-wise. Pretty!


Miso Soup with Sake

Miso Soup with Sake (Source: SET)


We selected three mains to share – the snapper, baby pork ribs, and the beef tenderloin.

Grilled Snapper with Salsa (2)

Grilled Snapper with Salsa (Source: SET)



Baby Pork Ribs


Roasted Beef Tenderloin (done perfectly)

Verdict? The definite winner and must-try is the Beef Tenderloin.  The hubs is a huge steak fan, and he gave it two thumbs-up. We asked for it to be medium rare, and it was done perfectly.  The Australian beef was extremely tasty, and though we were pretty full by then, we ate up every last morsel.  The Baby Pork Ribs came in a close second, with a well-conceived mix of asian sauces and spices. The meat fell of the bone nicely, and the hubs even said that he enjoyed it more than Naughty Nuri’s in Bali!  The snapper was alright, but the other two were our clear favourites.


The desserts were all aesthetically pleasing as you can see, and added a sweet end to our feast. We were really full by then, but pressed on and tried all the offerings. I thought the Huai San Jello was the most innovative, and really like Cheng Tng made into jelly, with all its attendant ingredients such as dried longans and barley beans inside. The Expresso Creme Brûlée was the most tasty, and being very sensitive to caffeine, I felt a kick from just one mouthful. 🙂


Expresso Creme Brûlée


Homemade Cake


Pistachio Panna Cotta


Huai San Jello


Poached Pear with Gelato


Lemon and Ginger Tea – a fitting round-up to the meal.

It was a great evening, and the hubs and I agreed that such a meal was preferable to a buffet. With full service, and high quality food that fills you up to the brim just the same, tucking into morsels that are plated beautifully and certainly more pleasant than jostling with others and lining up for scoops from large trays. Don’t you agree?


A set Chef Erick Chun (4)

Chef Erick (Source: SET)

If you’re wondering who dreamt up all these dishes, they are all concocted by Chef Erick Chun, who heads the kitchen at SET.

Having been involved in eateries for ten years, Chef Erick has experience in Tung Lok Signatures as well as Senso Ristorante & Bar. It comes as no surprise to us, since we felt that the quality and finesse in his food definitely shows.

In his teens, he helped out at his uncle’s chicken rice stall at a coffee shop, and said he was inspired by his uncle’s discipline and continuous refining of this humble dish.  Thus, even today, he believes in constantly improving his dishes, improvising and coming up with funky new creations, as we experienced first-hand. : )

If you’re wondering why his plating looks so artistic, that’s because Chef Erick likes drawing in his free time, and incorporates food art into his culinary creations.
I thought it was sweet that he counts his happiest moment as a chef as the moment when his grandmother reacted with such pride and joy when tasting his food. He may look young, but is already planning to pass on his love of cooking to his son!


SET restaurant

Address: 1 Selegie Road, PoMo, #02-01 Singapore 188306

Tel: 6337-7644

Prices: Lunch (5-course set) for $28.80++, and Dinner (6-course set) for $38.80++


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