Sentosa skyline luge (with Giveaway!)

K&B had their first go at the luge at the newly re-opened Sentosa Skyline Luge recently. Given their age and height, they rode tandem with us, and thoroughly enjoyed themselves!
The hubs and I also have good memories associated with the luge. The first time I tried driving one was on our honeymoon in Queenstown, New Zealand, some seven years ago. I recall being really slow on it partially because I’m a really lousy driver, and partly because the path was really steep and the luge there quite rickety!
There were all these crazy nuts zooming past me, whilst I crept along like a snail, even stopping once to take a photo of the gorgeous view. 
The Sentosa Skyline luge was similarly amazing when it came to the sky ride. I totally did not expect it to be so high, and was surprised at how the girls weren’t afraid at all, though it was a simple chair lift, like a cable car with no walls or floor!
At ages 5 and 3, I guess they have not developed the various neuroses adults have, since they also haven’t heard stories of accidents and the like from such heights. 
It’s lovely that they could enjoy soaring high in the sky (‘Mama! We are higher than the trees!’) with no qualms, no nagging fear. I admit being a tad worried that my shoes would fall off, never to be found again. 
By the second sky ride, I was similarly more relaxed, and relished the coolness of night, and the strong fragrance of flowers punctuating certain portions of the ride. I think the sky ride was the highlight of our luge experience! We didn’t get to take many photos cos it was very dark when we were there, but you can see lovely flickr photos on the official site here
The island state of FUN indeed.

When we rode the luge, I was particularly impressed at how smooth and reactive the gears were. It was easy to learn how to manouevere it, and the brakes worked so well. I saw some primary school age kids driving the luge themselves and having a whale of a time! 

There were two tracks, both of which we’re easy to navigate, even for a noob driver like me. The dragon trail is longer and ‘curvier’ so if you like bends, that’s your trail! I started enjoying myself so much that I was able to overtake my dear friend, but not before some kid overtook us both
All in all, we had a great time, and I think that this is a great outdoor family activity.

Guess what? You can win some luge rides now!

The good people at the Sentosa skyline luge are generously giving away two sets of “Family 4 Deals” tickets, with the following terms and conditions:

  1. Family deals are applicable for families with children below 16 years old.
  2. Children under 6 years or shorter than 110cm (required height to ride alone), may only ride the Luge in tandem with an adult.

Just follow the rafflecopter instructions below, which include liking the Skyline Luge’s Facebook page – very important to show them some love!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The Skyline Luge is open all year round (except under adverse weather conditions).  The first ride starts from 10am, and the last ride ends around 9:30pm. Wear laced shoes for added peace of mind whilst on the sky ride, though in our group of 12, most were not wearing laced shoes, and no one’s sandals actually fell off. Other giveaways will also be coming up here, and here

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