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Met a bunch of old friends for dinner. Venue was Rice & Fries! I’ve been there quite a few times since they opened (including my birthday dinner one year), and every single time the food was excellent.

Disclosure (these things very important these days): This is not a sponsored post, but the 老板娘 (lady boss) is my friend! We got to know each other cos our firstborns were born in the same month.

She has been fed really well since she got together with Chef Ken, who honed his skills in the kitchens of the Fullerton, Ritz-Carlton and Crowne Plaza hotels, before becoming his own boss!

Since it was near Christmas, they had a special Lobster Platter on offer. We went for it! And boy was it a good decision, cos it came with not just really fresh lobster, but juicy ribs, tender steak cooked just right, slabs of salmon, fresh large prawns, fresh salad, all resting lovingly on a bed of (you guessed it) rice & fries (sweet potato ones, no less).

It is meant to feed 4-6 adults, and the 5 of us adults and two tots polished almost all of it off, with quite a lot of paella and sweet potato fries to bring home. We were totally stuffed.


The very sweet 老板娘 sent a plate of succulent turkey with stuffing to our table, with compliments of the chef.  It was the best turkey I had eaten all year. True story.

And here’s the ribs, put on its own plate, simply cos it deserves its own photo.

The restaurant itself is cosy, and has a whole chalk wall beautifully muralled by their resident artist, who is also 老板娘’s very hot sister.  There are booth seats for groups of up to 4, and longer tables for much larger groups of friends and family.


In case they are not serving the lobster platter any more, some great dishes I can personally attest to are the salmon steak ($18.80) and lamb shank ($26.80), Chef Ken’s specialities! The breaded dory ($11.80), and soft shell crab marinara ($14.80) and scallop & king prawn truffle angel hair pasta ($19.80) are awesome too.

This Christmas, one of their customers gave them a real fir tree! And what a massive one it was. Wafts of pine scent added to the Christmassy mood…

This cafe is especially kid-friendly because you are more likely than not to see the owners’ three kids on-site, when they are not in school! K plonked herself on the extremely inviting sofa at the front-of-house, and anti-socially started reading the many books scattered around…

They also have a good kids’ menu (including ‘chicken n shrooms fricassee’ no less, dun play play), where a set with a main, a drink and ice-cream goes for only $8.80.

For the quality of food, I find the prices reasonable – check out their menu for details. Plus there is neither GST nor service charge, so what you see is what you pay.

Make a date and head down if you want to give your tummy a good treat!


Address: 484 Changi Road (7 min direct walk down the park connector from Kembangan MRT station), Singapore 419896
Call to make reservations: 9738 6648
Like their FB page: https://www.facebook.com/Rice.Fries.Steak


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