Quoridor Kid

I always enjoy playing new board games with the kids, since I get to see how they react to new play scenarios. At this age, their response is often unexpected and cute, and you’d be surprised at what ends up getting them tickled silly.

This is another mousy game, whose title is a pun on ‘corridor’. Apt since one has to create corridors for the mice to get to the other side whilst the opponent’s task is to make the corridor as circuitous as possible!


It’s quite an intuitive game with simple rules – place the green “fences” anywhere, so long as you leave one ‘route’ out for the mice. This means that you can’t hem the poor mouse in on all sides and trap him!

The “cheese board” and many play pieces made this an engaging game. There are cute coloured “cheese wedges” to indicate the destination for your particular mouse, in case en route through the twists and turns it gets confusing where ‘the opposite shore’ is. It’s more suitable for children aged around 5, but those around 3 can still have fun with some parental help.



The kids were most tickled when they made all the mice fall down! Putting them up again, then knocking them down to more peals of laughter. A bit slapstick and bizzare, but that’s preschool-age humour for you, I guess!

When played properly (ahem), it’s a game of strategy. There are so many possible ways of moving the mice and placing the fences that no two plays need be alike.


The adult game has a larger board (9×9 instead of 7×7), with more ordinary-looking meeples. Give me them cute mice differentiated by coloured ears anytime! Find out more about Quoridor Kid here.


Note: The game has been kindly loaned to us, and is available as usual from the purveyor of quality children board games, MyFirstGames.

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  1. January 10, 2014 at 8:03 am

    Glad you guys had fun! Love the picture of the girls bowled over with laughter! 🙂

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