Privileged to have such a pastor

It struck me this week, how blessed my church is, to have a Senior Pastor who’s a powerful living testimony of God’s power to transform lives.

A drug addict for many years, he was in and out of prison multiple times. He entered The Helping Hand, a Christian halfway house at age 40 with only ten cents in his pocket and some clothes. Through the ministry there, he gave his life to God.

And did God turn his life around! He finally and completely threw off the shackles of drug addiction, and then, though he had never excelled in school, he completed rigorous studies at Trinity Theological College to qualify for full-time pulpit ministry.

He also got married, and has been pastoring our church for the past 10 years, with an amazingly gentle and loving spirit. If he didn’t mention it, my guess is that no one would ever think that he had such a past.

He doesn’t shy away from talking about it, but rather regularly shares his life journey as part of his sermons. He even smilingly related this once.

A little boy said to me, “My daddy says that you were a very bad man.”
I laughed and replied, “But did your daddy tell you how much God has changed me?”

Always a chance to give glory to God. O what a Saviour. Such indeed is God’s grace.

Indeed it is those who have been forgiven much, who live most in the light of grace, keenly aware of how much their life is a gift, and that they are nothing apart from the grace of God.

What a privilege to have such a man lead our church. A man whose very life is a powerful testimony, whose every breath attests to the saving and transforming power of God.

Two weeks ago our pastor preached about how to accept forgiveness freely. Too many times we think we have to earn it. And it can be hard for some to believe that they can be completely forgiven. Who better to preach such a sermon?

In this day and age, when there is rampant misuse of funds by some church leaders, and other pastors maintain lavish lifestyles to buttress their preaching on prosperity… our pastor jokes about how he’s driven about daily in a Mercedes, which also carries 40 other passengers.

What matters most in a pastor is how he lives his life. Whether he lives a life that is pleasing to God, a reflection of God’s Word that he faithfully preaches, and a life that is an encouragement to his flock.

An elder reminded us this week about how easy it was for a flock to constantly find fault with its pastor. That prompted to write this piece to thank our pastor instead, and to affirm and show appreciation for his shouldering of this thankless task of pointing people to Christ.

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  1. September 2, 2013 at 4:19 pm

    Wow your pastor’s life is such a wonderful testimony! And I guess what your elder said its true, so many a times we’re prone to find fault with our leaders instead of affirming them. Thanks for the reminder to be thankful for our church leaders!

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