Primero Singapore – affordable, high quality home and office furniture (with Giveaway!)

Want to get high quality furniture that is well-designed, but baulk at the prices at brick-and-mortar stores?

If so, Primero is certainly one option you should check out! Rental in malls for shopfront space usually slaps on a significant layer of cost to the items we purchase, which is why more and more people are turning to online purchases.

Whilst purchasing online from websites in China might be the cheapest option, most times one cannot vouch for the quality of what will eventually appear at your doorstep.

As Primero is a locally-based company, founded by Jordan and Jonah (two born and bred Singaporeans with experience in manufacturing and industrial design), you know that this is a company you can trust, simply because they have in-depth knowledge about the products which they sell. Plus, #SupportLocal!

Primero prides itself in micro-manufacturing (a term I had never heard of till now), which is a new trend that surfaced around 2016.  It refers to the process of manufacturing that is similar to 3D printing, which allows for unique designs to be manufactured affordably without being mass-produced.

Not having to store large amounts of inventory certainly helps reduce cost, whilst producing on a made-to-order basis for many of their items also keeps the inventory lean and the manufacturing process efficient.


Why micro-manufacture?

Micro-manufacturing allows Primero to partner with reputable factories (that export to Europe and the United States) owned by their friends in the industry, to produce unique furniture that can be customised at affordable prices. Production times are shortened, and they don’t need to make huge bulk orders to keep prices down. Since Primero brings the goods directly to you, the huge chunk that is distributor profit, is also shaved off. The simple yet effective diagram below shows just how you are getting much better quality at lower prices.

With such a working relationship with the manufacturers, Primero can even determine the kind of fabric that is used for a sofa, for instance, and in so doing they are able to curate a unique range of furniture. Since their products are not mass-produced, it means that you are not purchasing just another shelf or chair that exists in every other home.

I can vouch for the quality of their products, not least because I am sitting on one of them (the ErgoSpine Ergonomic Office Chair) even as I type this out.  My back and neck feel extremely grateful for the comfortable support!


ErgoSpine Ergonomic Office Chair

Most of us spend long hours in front of our computers or laptops. And as age catches up, the aches and pains in my own neck and back has become harder to ignore. In fact, I have sought help from a physiotherapist who gave me good advice on muscle strengthening exercises. Good posture, and good ergonomics (a chair with good support, screen at eye level) are just as important!

A good ergonomic chair is a real boon. Primero’s ErgoSpine ergonomic office chair can even be customised, in terms of colour, fabric of covering and whether you want adjustable arm-rests. It costs between $149.90$229.90, depending on your customisation choices. 

We were very privileged to be offered the version with Black PU Leather covering and adjustable arm-rests. It’s easy to clean and looks sleek. The headrest can be converted into extra lower back support if you prefer that. Personally, I need the headrest due to my weaker neck muscles.

Here’s how the chair looks from behind. Sturdy and well-constructed.

Primero has many more models of office chairs (with German engineered ergonomics, no less) so do check out their product page here if you need to get one.  I think their office chairs are priced very reasonably. We had been shopping for one recently, and the ergonomic ones that we saw cost an arm and a leg, as compared to Primero’s.


Great news – the generous Primero folks are offering a giveaway of one of their best-selling products, the ErgoSilver Laptop Stand!


The ErgoSilver Laptop Stand (worth $49.90) is part of Primero’s suite of ergonomic aides for laptops and tablets.

Made from the exact material as a Macbook’s surface, the Ergosilver is silver-anodised, built with premium aluminium alloy, and sandblasted. This means that its surface is perfectly even, damage-resistant and won’t ever peel off.

The Ergosilver has become so popular that other retailers have started making inferior copies of it. You can tell those apart since the surface is usually blotchy and will peel off easily, unlike the Ergosilver which is totally even, since it has undergone silver anodization (where silver is electrically spread across the stand’s surface).

The stand raises the screen of a laptop to eye-level by 15 cm, and has a tilt of 20 degrees that improves airflow around the laptop. The Ergosilver works best with an external keyboard, which is recommended by physiotherapists anyway, since the keyboard should be such that your elbows are at 90 degrees when typing. Hunching over a laptop and using its in-built keyboard is a recipe for long term neck and back strain.

Here’s one way of using it!


To enter, simply complete the following:

  1. “Like” LilBlueBottle’s Facebook Page and Primero’s Facebook Page.
  2. Leave a comment on this Facebook post with your email address, and tag 2 friends.

The giveaway ends on 2359 hrs on 1 December 2017, and the winners will be contacted via email. The usual terms and conditions apply. 🙂


[The winner is….. Agnes Chin! Congrats!]


Note: Thanks Primero Singapore for sending over the products for review!

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