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K & B are very privileged to have a great Sunday School class to look forward to every week (though K has since graduated into PraiseKids). About 5 years ago, there was only the tiny and sparse cry room for those aged 0 to 3.

But a lovely mum of three (who are now in their early twenties) decided to start PraiseBabies, and equip another room with a cot, a breastfeeding armchair, cupboards and the like. Since we share premises with a Chinese church, we combined resources and made it bilingual – some days, in my humble opinion, it rivals the bilingual edition of Julia Gabriel’s Playnest, haha!

Here are 5 reasons why we love PraiseBabies!

1) It is a joint-effort between the English and Chinese churches. How lovely to experience such unity in the body of Christ. The hubs and I are separately on duty one week a month too, in teaching the English section. 
2) It is a community of God-fearing mums whom I can share parenting woes with, and gain good perspectives from. 

3) Here they are rapt with attention (mostly anyhow) at a story-telling session from a Mandarin gospel story book. Our family especially enjoys the mandarin christian songs we get to learn and sing at home!

The wonder in a baby’s eyes…

4) It’s a chance to connect with mums of very young kids who find it otherwise hard to get out of the house for fellowship and support.

5) There are great activities planned, with the children’s spiritual development as a priority. How much more important that is in the long run (not to mention in the light of eternity!), as opposed to a academics. 

Check out this ongoing fresh supply of cute babies to coo over (without the night feeds!). How pleasing it is to be in a community of mums and teachers, all wildly enthusiastic in soaking kids in the Word from the moment they are born!

Liking up with Jus’

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  1. September 5, 2013 at 9:10 am

    So nice to have this cosy group of parents and children meeting each Sunday! Its really a blessing that you are able to fellowship with all these mums, right now I’m bringing #2 to toddler class, but many kids there are accompanied by their maids instead!

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