PinkLabel high quality wet bags (with Giveaway!)

I liked the PinkLabel ang pow organisers so much that I ordered more recently. So when the lady owner asked if I’d like to review the wet bags (waterproof pouches) she makes, I was happy to accede. Always ready to support beautiful local handmades, and all the more so those by work-from-home mums. 🙂  These are the two I finally chose, aren’t they gorgeous?


Check out what goes into making one of these wet bags!

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Photo credit: PinkLabel

For a start, the waterproof inner layer is made of foodsafe ProCare material made in Canada, which is BPA-free and PVC-free. This means that you can store warm food and warm drinks inside without worrying about harmful chemicals leaching out from the bag onto the food.

There is a snap button handle, which means that the bag can be easily attached to another bag, or to a stroller handle, for instance. The zipper is also a good quality YKK one, so you need not worry that the lifespan of your pouch becoming abruptly shortened because the zipper gets spoilt.


Non-ProCare made-in-China bag leaks, and PinkLabel’s ProCare-lined one doesn’t!

The bag is sewn with hidden seams and heat-sealed, which ensures that there are no liquid leaks from the seams. Unlike other wet bags (e.g. those mass produced in China factories), these are guaranteed to be waterproof. The zip side is not 100% water-tight (since it’s a zip) if you use the bag to hold pure liquids, but if you place wet swim wear in the bag, and keep it roughly upright, the rest of your belongings in your bag, outside the pouch, will be nice and dry.


See the contrast between the non-waterproof lining (top) and the high quality opaque Procare version below.

If you have a water bottle or lunch box that tends to fail you in the leaky department, chuck them in a wet bag to ensure that the books in the school bag will not get drenched or stained! If some juice or pasta sauce leaks from your container to the inside of the bag, just place the bag into the washing machine to get it good as new again.

My personal favourite thing about these bags are the fabric prints. I have a huge weakness for pretty cotton fabric, and her wide array of designs means that there’s something for everyone. Here are just a sample of some prints which will cheer up any mum.


They are priced at $19.90 for M size (10 x 11 inches), $25.90 for MM size (12 x 14 inches), and $28.90 for L size (14 x 15 inches). The Sanrio and Disney licensed fabric versions cost slightly more. All items come with free postage, so there are no hidden costs apart from those you see on every item.  I think these waterproof pouches also make good gifts for friends who have kids who love to swim, or are school-going, and whose mummies appreciate nice fabric design.


Another item that PinkLabel makes is a diaper clutch!  I found a little clutch like this very useful when my kids were still in diapers, because once it was time for a change, I only needed to bring a small handy bag that contains a few diapers, barrier cream and wet wipes, instead of a bulky diaper bag.  These diaper clutches below measure 10 x 8 inches (on discount at $15.90 now), are fully cotton lined and come with a velcro tab seal, which makes it easy to open during diapering emergencies.  Plus look at these fabric prints! Love.

IMG_8861Do check out Lavsuca’s picasa album to see what is still in stock. You can email her at, or PM her on Facebook to make orders or inquiries.

Now that you know her products well, here’s a short blog interview with answers from Lavsuca, since I think it’s always nice to get to know the person behind the handmade products. 🙂


1. Why is your FB page called Lavsuca Pink Label?

I named my brand PinkLabel because when I started making a product to sell, I wanted to be able to sew on a brand label just like other brands. But because I started it small at first, I did not have a proper printed label to sew it on the product, so I cut out a piece of plain ribbon and sewed it onas a brand label. Why pink color?  That’s because it was my favorite color.

I added Lavsuca to the FB page because PinkLabel was already taken, and Lavsuca was the nickname I used when I first started selling items in the Singapore Motherhood (SMH) Forum.

2. How long have you been a Stay-at-Home-Mum, and how long have you been sewing these handmades? Which industry were you working in before?

After I graduated, I was working as cabin crew for Japan Airlines for about 5.5 years. I also worked as ground crew with Singapore Airlines, but not for long as I gave birth to my first child in 2008. When he was about 9 months old, I started to make simple items to sell in the SMH Forum, such as nursing covers (my very first product). At that time, there were only brands like Bebe au Lait which were very very expensive, given that it was just simple sewing with a piece of cloth. From there, I started making bean sprout husk pillows, waterproof wet bags, and then more and more….

3. Where do you get your fabric, and how do you store them?

All the fabric I use is designer fabric from the USA, or Japan (such as Sanrio fabric featuring Hello Kitty, Little Twin Stars, My Melody).  The inner linings for the wet bags and other water proof bags are imported in bolts from the USA as well.

As for storage, one of my common rooms is like a warehouse now. No one can enter except me (since I am small sized and know my way around the room, haha) because there is really limited space for walking.

4. What is the most fulfilling aspect of running this business?

I am glad that I can do what I like. Being able to source for nice fabric and buying them is happiness to me.  In part I am glad that I don’t have to work with a boss. But actually, the customers are my boss, haha…

I appreciate having my own time and more freedom. I can look after my own children. I don’t accept customization anymore as I don’t like to feel obligated.  I choose to make it simple, and just sell ready-mades. So that’s stress free in a way. 🙂

The most fulfilling part would be when customers come back and share how much they love the products!


Giveaway time!

Lavsuca’s PinkLabel is generously giving away one MM sized wet bag each (worth $25.90, 12 x 14 inches in size) to TWO fortunate readers! I think these fabric prints are particularly cute!

pouch giveaway

To enter, complete all the following steps:

1. “Like” Lavsuca’s PinkLabel FB Page

2. “Like” LilBlueBottle’s FB page

3. “Like” and leave a comment on this post with:
a) your email address,
b) tag three friends; and
c) indicate whether you’d like the “Guitars” or “Hot Air Balloons”, or whether you don’t mind winning either.


Winners will be announced after the contest closes in a fortnight’s time, and contacted via email. The usual terms and conditions apply. The bag will be mailed to you if you win, all the best!


There is a special offer going on now (from 14 April 2015) too, including 10% discounts on wetbags and clearance prices on assorted products!

Check out this post on the Singapore Motherhood forum for all the juicy details.


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