Pescetarian anyone?

There is this quaint little eatery that we pass by pretty often… however, we have never ventured in.

Until one Sunday lunch time, when the usual chinese eatery we frequent was too full, and our large group size (11 plus 3) meant that we’d have to split into two tables.  So we enquired in the (empty) pescetarian eatery (Dann’s Daily) a few doors away, and they were happy to re-arrange almost all their tables into one long one to accommodate us.

I liked the decor, and loved the baby chair.  I’m really partial to good baby chairs – I think the fact that a shop owner bothers to go out and buy a baby chair that is not from Ikea, not a ching-cheong bunny-decorated collapsible one, speaks volumes of how aesthetics matters to him/her.  And this baby chair fit in really well with the decor of the little eatery (space for 16, at the max).

Seafood pasta – creamy

The pasta looked like it was made of buckwheat.  And it tasted as healthy as it looked.  Which was too healthy, even for the girls.  And the pasta above was the creamy version… not your usual jelat creamy pasta – this one was barely-there creamy… so much so that we thought it was the aglio olio version, at first sight (and still at second sight).

The prawns were very tasty though, and the grilled fish slightly less so (but it must have been real healthy).  A friend ordered the Mushroom Tofu soup which was no cream no milk (they pureed the tofu for the texture we thought), and so tasty that we urm, spread it on top of our pasta.

The hubs declared himself still hungry, even after finishing the rather large portion of seafood pasta (we ordered exactly the same dish – how’s that for aligned preferences as marrieds?).  I think almost everything served was organic – even the sugar packets on the table were “organic raw sugar”. *wow*

Prices were reasonable – the seafood pasta going for $15, and the soup about $10.  Some friends had the wraps (which looked healthy too – but they were served with crisps, so the guys would have their sodium kick), and various other chinese QQ noodle soups and

They are apparently famous for their steamed cupcakes, so maybe next time we’ll try that!

Service was friendly – think they were a bit overwhelmed with about 10 orders at once, and there were only two of them running the entire place (including the kitchen), so it took a while for my entire party to be served.

When I asked if there was a washroom (K had to go!) they readily gave me the key to the Eastwood Centre washroom at the back of the building.  Think it’s the key for tenants, but it was nice that they didn’t just say “No, we don’t have a washroom”.

All in all, I guess they are a very serious organic eatery – they serve “Organic Alkaline Coffee”.  ‘Nuff said.

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  1. February 15, 2013 at 4:01 am

    Yay! Thanks for sharing. Another cafe to check out in the east.

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