Perth 2013 – Jungle Gym

It was just another one of our many days in Perth, when we woke up and wondered, “What shall we do today?”. “How about an indoor gym?”, our friend suggested. That sounded great, especially since the weather forecast mentioned rain.

When we went in, I was floored by the sheer size of the place. Our friend had not prepared us for how massive this gym was! And guess what? Entrance is only AUD$6 per child for up to 2.5 hours! Turns out, this is also the largest children’s gym in the whole of Perth.

B was rightly quite awed by it all.
The kids were queueing up to sing a song over the PA system! Too cute. The rest of the time, cute kiddy dance music was played.
There were balance beams over huge foam pits.

The star attractions of this gym were the HUGE slides. There’s a green and yellow one in the third photo above too! I was SO tempted to go on them myself! But obviously I wasn’t the only adult who felt that way, cos there were MANY signs warning parents to stay off the equipment. Our friend subsequently told us that he ignored the signs once (such is the lure) and was promptly told off by the staff! *red-face*

So sweet of K and M to hold hands and slide down together!

I always thought B was the more gutsy one, but she refused to slide down after climbing all the way up! In fact if you look closely, you can see her peering down after her sis and friend in the photo above. We keep assuring her, and said we’d catch her at the bottom, but she just kept shaking her head from way up high. So what did she do?

The next photo shows our dear girl climbing down step by step again. I tried to show her that there were toddlers much younger than her who were owning the slide (I saw one chubby 2 year old slide down with glee) but she was not convinced. Guess her many past scrapes must have made her a tad more cautious now!

Spot the scrawl that says “Sorry no adults on slide”.
Have you ever seen a more nonchalant face on the monkey bar?
Orang Utans galore – the red box contains kiddy loos. Very thoughtful. Also a water cooler next to it to replenish those fluids. The vines in the foreground were a huge favourite with the kids too.
There was a tunnel underneath this.

We spent a great 1 hour plus at this place – they have so many trampolines, swinging vines, even a toddler’s slide with a cliff drop-off into a huge foam pit, a dedicated area for the under 2s, the usual roller coaster toddler cars, even a basketball hoop over another foam pit. So much space to just release all that energy.

Simply fantastic.
Jungle Gym
Address: 24 Gympie Way, Willetton WA 6155, Australia
Phone:+61 8 9354 4443


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  1. October 18, 2013 at 4:05 am

    That looks like SO MUCH fun. And it’s well lit and airy too.
    Too bad adults aren’t allowed on the slide.

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