Perth 2013 – A little house of honey

We tarried at The House of Honey during our day at Swan Valley.

It was a small shop, not a large bee farm or anything, but we enjoyed our time there nonetheless. Lovely flora outside the shop, with many bees were buzzing about…

Spot the bees

Inside, there were bee-related products of all kinds. From more than twenty varieties of honey (with tasting stations for about ten, at least) to beeswax soap and candles, as well as bee-design tea towels and a really cute kiddy raincoat.

Beeswax candles and soap too

The “live” bee display was one of the draws of the place, and even though it was but a tiny window, I thought it was absolutely fantastic way for our children to see bees making honey so clearly!

“Live” honey making in progress

There was also a pretty interesting ‘artifact’ of a large earthern pot – made the shop a tad like a museum too, I thought!

The tag says it all

The kids had their ice-cream, and really enjoyed it.

Enjoying their honey ice-cream at the cafe section

 Bought quite a bit of honey as souvenirs for the folks back home – including Chia Honey, which I found quite interesting. Had a nice chat with the sales staff, who had a tag proclaiming her the “Queen Bee”, haha.

Some of our loot

Great memories!

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