Pasir Ris Kids’ Kampong

We organised a little excursion to the Pasir Ris children’s farm recently. It drizzled a bit that morning, but there were nets covering the farm, so apart from a few drips we were all good, and the weather was nice and cool.

Feeding the ducks

K was her scaredy cat self as usual, and took a while to warm up to the animals. She didn’t mind getting close to the docile ducks though.

Keeping her distance from the pecking chickens.

Ducks on a small platform in a pond, with their own little hut. We threw lots of food into the little basin, which they happily nibbled up.

She was taken aback by the very enthusiastic koi who fought for the fish food we threw in…

This was probably as close as she got, safe from the vantage point of the bridge. B on the other hand, kept trying to stick her hand to touch the fish! I didn’t want to have to leap in to save her, so tried to restrain her somewhat.

Perhaps it’s the age, perhaps it’s the personality, but little B was much more keen on getting up close and personal with the little farm animals.

In a staring match with mr cockerel

Rabbits in their hutch. Sleek and healthy looking – must be very well fed and cared for.

Yes, I do try to colour coordinate my kids quite a lot. I thought this was a particularly cute match!

Entry into the longkang fishing area was rather pricey – $10 plus $4 for the net and pail, which we could bring back again to reuse. But it also gave us entry into the farm area and 2 packets of feed, which usually goes at $1 per person. The farm area was quite small but had an interesting mix of little animals.
Trying and trying… it was Not Easy. Backbreaking, not to mention.
measly catch of 5

That was my haul, to be frank. And my legs actually ached the next day (when they usually don’t after my hour long walk-jogs), which I put down to the repeated squatting, bending, standing, mostly with B in the Ergo. Couldn’t let her wander around and plop into the longkang right?

the farm issued little raincoats too! Looking like a proper farm girl here, eh?
I totally loved this little car!

And so did B by the looks of it
I’m quite pleased we had this outing because it’s far too easy to slip into the never-ending loop of malls malls malls (ooh new mall) for outings in Singapore. The sticky weather is a valid reason why we are not outdoors more often, but I’m hoping that my children’s memories will includes loads of fun times in gardens, parks, beaches and pools.

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