Mothers Make It Work: through challenges then and now

Motherhood – where do we start? It’s such a splendid yet nerve-wrecking journey. Mothers make things work out for our family despite it all — despite the different challenges that life throws us all, despite naysayers, despite our own self-doubt and oft-disproportionate guilt, and despite the constantly changing circumstances just when we think we’ve gotten a grasp on this season… Read more →

How did we find honestbee, honestly? (plus a new Family Market link-up)

I have always wondered about honestbee but had never tried it since I live very near a great supermarket. (I’ve seen honestbee concierge folks darting about the supermarket loading items into their grocery basket though!) But precisely because I live within walking distance of the supermarket, we walk back with all our buys, which can be heavy and cumbersome, even… Read more →

is:Shoe Singapore – for all your shoecare needs

We received a huge box one day, and guess what it contained? All this! It was a shoe care package from is:Shoe Singapore and we’ll be explaining what each item does!   is:Shoe Repulse Hydrophobic Spray Firstly, to introduce their star product, the is:Shoe Repulse! It sprays on a waterproof coating to prevent all liquid from penetrating. This is useful… Read more →

Kindsville Party 2017

Have you ever been to a Kindsville Party? Inaugurated in 2013, the annual Kindsville Party is an occasion to show appreciation to children who wrote in to Singa and the Kindness Cubbies, and to celebrate their efforts in spreading kindness. These children are invited to attend the party with their parents, take part in games and activities, also as a… Read more →

Enjoying the Pamper Her Bundle from A Better Florist

A Better Florist sent over this awesome bundle recently and it really made my day. So much beauty in one delivery! Aptly called the ‘Pamper Her Bundle‘, apart from a gorgeous bunch of blooms, it comes with a box of macarons in the colours of the rainbow, PLUS two quality scented candles in my favourite scents of Lavendar and Lemongrass.… Read more →

Human Nature’s Father’s Day offer

Our family has long been fans of Human Nature, not just for their high quality natural products, but also for the good work they do. The company helps to benefit poor communities in the Philippines by how they source their raw materials and the price they pay for it, so as to elevate their farmers’ crops to world-class organic ones to maximise the… Read more →